NebraskaI received an email last night about a new Husker video that hit YouTube.  Former Husker linebacker Trev Alberts gives his input on what he thinks of the 2008 Nebraska Football team. I agree with him that the five home games to start the season will be great and the Virginia Tech game could be a turning point for the Huskers. If they can pull off the win then I expect them to carry a lot of momentum into the Missouri game. But if they lose, well watch out against the Wildcats the following week.

So what do you think?  Do you agree with Trev?

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One Response to “What former Husker Trev Alberts thinks about the 2008 team”

  1. superfloyd Says:

    I believe in what he says. Some tough games right in a row, but at home which is a plus. We’ve had some quality recruiting classes that have ranked in the nations top 15 over the last few years but the lack of coaching has proved to be pivotal. That isn’t an issue this year, what Trev says is very possible. I believe.

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