NebraskaNebraska didn’t start off on the right foot today against Iowa State but they finally got it going late in the first half and continued on in the second half.  After spotting Iowa State a 10-0 lead, the Huskers came back to win 35-17.

Running back Marlon Lucky passed and ran for touchdowns and Bo Ruud scored on an interception return for the second straight week for the big plays of the game.  We all figured we would see a trick play today and that we did when Lucky connected with Sean Hill for a 20 yard touchdown.  Ruud’s touchdown was a on pass breakup by Courtney Grixby, and that Ruud returned 93 yards for a pick six.

Nebraska quarterback Sam Keller was 18-for-28 for 219 yards, with one interception on the day.  Keller connected with Thomas Lawson twice for touchdowns.

Bo Ruud and Steve Octavien had big days for the Husker defense along with Grixby.  It was nice to see double digit tackles and tournovers for the defense.  That is something they haven’t been getting until today against Iowa State.

Nebraska is now 4-1 on the season and travel to a hostile stadium in one week for a night game against the Missouri Tigers.  This game could ultimately decide who wins the Big 12 North.  Well, we can now throw Colorado into that mix as they upset #3 rated Oklahoma today.


***We now know why Andre Jones did not get his name called on Saturady.  Jones was suspended for the game for internal disciplinary reasons.  Coach Callahan said that Jones would be back for the Missouri game this coming Saturday.***

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NebraskaWe expected this to happen all along and now official word has been spreading that Phillip Dilliard will be the new starting middle linebackers on Saturday when the Huskers face off against Iowa State.  Cory McKeon will slide over and play some at the will position as Lance Bradenburgh is hurt.

Also, runningback Major Culbert is back on the defensive side of the ball once again.  With the emergence of Roy Helu and Quentin Castille, you could tell that Culbert wasn’t going to get the reps that he needed to be at the running back poistion.

Stay positive Husker fans and GO BIG RED!

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NebraskaThere are a lot of Nebraska fans calling for Coach Cozgrove to be fired asap.  Well first off, he won’t be fired during the season, and second I don’t know if they would actually fire him even after the season.

Granted, yeah I think a change needs to be made after the season, but Coz and Callahan are good friends and I don’t know if Callahan would do it.  Maybe only if he was pressured into it by Steve Pederson. 

So instead of talking about getting rid of Coz right now, lets talk about Phillip Dilliard starting over Cory McKeon, and Ricky Thenarse getting more playing time.  I know Thenarse makes some mistakes but he isn’t afraid to make a tackle and will lay some wood when he is given the chance.  Lets see some more of Lance Brandenburgh as well at the linebacker position.

I say we start with those changes and go from there.  Lets see how the defense plays against Iowa State this Saturday and hope they have improved a lot.  Let the rush ends actually rush downfield instead of being pushed back by offensive linement.  Linebackers need to stay back into their positions to fill a gap and make a damn tackle.  Secondary, stay with the wideouts and look for the damn ball and swat it away!

What do you all think about Coz and the defense right now?  Let us know your opinons by leaving a comment!


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NebraskaIt wasn’t what Nebraska fans had expected on Saturday as Nebraska struggled against Ball State in a 41-40 victory.  Thanks to Sam Keller and the offense, the Huskers improved 3-1 on the season.  Should they have won though?  Probably not but some teams have to get lucky at some point.

I’ll start off a good note and that was the offense.  Sam Keller and company were scoring on almost every possession.  Keller finished the day with completing 29-of-37 passes for 438 yards and three touchdowns.  A big play of the game came in the 3rd quarter when Keller connected with Sean Hill on a 73 yard pass.  Keller also connected with Maurice Purify on the final drive of the game to give the Huskers win.  Keller looked great 90% of the time yesterday and the receivers were all catching the ball instead of dropping them.  A+ for the passing game!

Marlon Lucky, Quentin Castille, and Roy Helu all carried the ball the Huskers.  Lucky led all the running backs with  21 carries and 102 yards.  Lucky also caught 11 passes for another 81 yards.  Castille caught a nice swing pass and then ran it in for a yard out in second quarter.  Helu was the suprise as he got quite a bit of playing time as Cody Gleen sat out the game.  Helu is a quick back that finds the hole and gets to it quick.  He needs to add some weight but he will be pretty good down the road.

Now for the bad part of the game.. The Blackshirts or I think we should start calling them the pinkshirts.  What a disgrace the way the defense is playing right now.  Ball State ran and passed all over the defense and should have put up more points but four dropped balls really hurt them.

I did like the fact that Ricky Thenarse and Phillip Dillard played more, and they need to continue to get more snaps every day.  Tierre Green, Bo Rudd, and Corey McKeon all sucked once again, and only Rudd had one good play on the interception and td.

Nate Davis is a hell of a quarterback, but the Husker defense made him look like a first team all american all day long.  If Cosgrove doesn’t start making some adjustments during the game, it is going to be a long season for the defense.

In the end I’m happy with a win and that is what really matters, but it doesn’t really feel like a Nebraska win.  It was ugly, and one of the worst performances by the defense in a very long time.

First Quarter (Nebraska 7, Ball State 0)
NU – Marlon Lucky 28 run (Alex Henery kick), 4:43

Second Quarter (Nebraska 14, Ball State 10)
BSU – Darius Hill 20 pass from Nate Davis (Jake Hogue kick), 2:58
BSU – Hogue 45 field goal, 3:40
NU – Quentin Castille 1 run (Henery kick), 4:10

Third Quarter (Ball State 31, Nebraska 28)
BSU – Davis 14 run (Hogue kick), 0:59, 3-39
NU – Sean Hill 73 pass from Sam Keller (Henery kick), 1:22
BSU – MiQuale Lewis 43 run (Hogue kick), 1:44
NU – Nate Swift 18 pass from Keller (Henery kick), 2:40
BSU – Love 58 pass from Davis (Hogue kick), 1:15

Fourth Quarter (Nebraska 41, Ball State 40)
BSU – Madaris Grant 21 pass from Davis (kick failed), 1:29
NU – Bo Ruud 34 interception return (Henery kick)
BSU – Hogue 22 field goal, 2:10
NU – Maurice Purify 11 pass from Keller (two-point conversion failed), 3:45

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Big 12 conference action begin this week with Oklahoma State (1-2) hosting undefeated Texas Tech (3-0). Oklahoma State enters conference play as one of the bigger disappointments in the conference.  With 15 returning starters, many thought online pharmacy the Cowboys could challenge for the Big 12 South title this season. Okie State struggled in their season opener losing to Georgia 35-14.  Even worse was last week’s performance where they were destroyed on national television by Troy 41-23.  For Texas Tech, they have dominated their opponents (SMU, UTEP and Rice) averaging 569 yards and 51 points a game.

Why Texas Tech will win?   

Texas Tech has completely dominated their first three opponents with their wide open spread offense.  Quarterback Graham Harrell may be getting the headlines with his performance but the play of the offensive line deserves a lot of credit.  In 178 pass attempts, the Red Raiders have given up just two sacks.  Impressive for a line that only returns one starter from last season. What does Texas Tech need to do to win? 

  • If it ain’t broke why fix it

Okie State gave up 388 yards passing to Troy last week so for Tech continue to do what they do best…..pass the ball.  If Tech’s line can continue to protect Harrell there is no reason why the Red Raiders can’t put up 35+ points in Stillwater this weekend. 

  • Put pressure on theOkie State offense

The Cowboys entered the season with some outstanding offensive talent.  They had a veteran center that had made 24 straight starts in David Washington.  They also had returning starters in quarterback Bobby Reid and senior tailback Dantrell Savage.  The middle of the offense was outstanding.  Well, Washington broke his leg at Troy. Reid has been benched and lost his job, perhaps on a permanent basis. And Savage has been hurt since August with a groin injury. What had been the strength of OSU was straight up the middle. Okie State now has a rookie quarterback, a fumble-prone tailback in Keith Toston, and they’re struggling to find a center.  If Texas Tech can get up early on Okie
State and make the Cowboys play catch-up it will be a long day in Stillwater for the Pokes. 

Why Oklahoma State will win the game? 

The home team has won in this series five straight seasons. Edge Oklahoma State.  Also, there is a sense of urgency with Okie State as they know they need to rebound after last week’s debacle at Troy.  Okie State can win this game if tailback Dantrell Savage is back this weekend (as expected) and if they can get consistent play from their quarterback.  Tech has allowed 337 yards a game so their defense is vulnerable.   

What doesOklahaoma State need to do to win? 

  • Big game from the big uglies

The Red Raiders had six sacks in last week’s victory over Rice and have 10 for the season. Okie State is without their best offensive lineman for the season so the rest of this unit must step up this weekend.  Not only must the Cowboy offensive line give their quarterback time but they must open up some holes for their ground game.  This leads to point two…. 

  • Establish the running game

It is key that Okie State establishes a running game for two reasons.  First, it puts pressure off the quarterback.  When an offense can establish a running game it opens up the passing game which has been a weak point for the Red Raiders defense.  Second, it allows you to control the clock.  It doesn’t take Tech long to score but if you can minimize their possessions it certainly gives Okie State a better chance of pulling off the upset. 

This weekend is the tale of two cities.  Texas Tech is hot out of the gate with a 3-0 start.  Okie State is walking with their tail between their legs after an embarrassing lost to Troy.  The home team has won this game the last five years but that trend stops this weekend.  Texas Tech has too much offense for a Cowboy defense that has been struggling.  The Cowboys offense has gone from ‘the best show on the universe’ to ‘lost in space’.  I like Texas Tech big in this one….45-20. 

Written by PMHusker

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NebraskaSenior Captain Zack Bowman showed why he was voted a captain by his teammates yesterday as practiced started.  Bowman was the last player to come out onto the field, and was not wearing his blackshirt.  Instead he had on a red practice jersey because he doesn’t deserve to wear a blackshirt.  It would have been awesome to see the rest of the defense do the same thing without having to see Bowman do it first.

The defensive players know how badly they played, it is time to take away all the blackshirts until they dominate a game.  And I’m not talking just Ball State either. What do you all think?  Should the coaches have taken the blackshirts away until they show that they have earned them?

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NebraskaNebraska offensive linemen Andy Christensen will be out the rest of the year with a terrible knee injury that he sustained on the second drive of the USC game.  Early reports are saying he tore his ACL.

I would expect Mike Huff or Keith Williams, or Jordan Picou to get some more playing time due to Christensen’s injury.

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NebraskaThings didn’t go as planned on Saturday night in Lincoln when the Huskers and Trojans met at Memorial Stadium.  It was awesome seeing all the fans jacked up at the beginning of the game and through the first quarter.  It was electric and the Huskers were on top 10-7 but that was about as good as it got as the Trojans went on for a 49-31 victory.

USC quickly came back and put up 14 points to close out the first half and take a 21-10 lead at halftime.  A lot of Husker fans were mad about the USC player being left on the field for 12 minutes and taking a lot of the momentum away from the team and fans but you have to come back out on the field with the same emotion.  If you can’t get up for playing USC after sitting for 12 minutes something is wrong.

The second half of the ballgame was pretty much how the first half ended with USC running ball right down the throats of the blackshirt defense.  Our defensive line was getting manhandled the entire game.  USC had a game plan going in that they were going to double team Suh and make Potter, Steinkuhler, and Turner beat them.  Well that didn’t happen as they forced 0 tournovers and never sacked Booty the entire game.

The Husker offense got things going late in the second half when USC had their second team defense in but it wasn’t enough.  Sam Keller had a good game overall (minus the two interceptions) but it was the offensive line and running backs that performed poorly.  Well I will put most of that blame on the line because a running back can’t run the ball if the line is getting pushed back into him everytime.

The widereceivers played a really good game.  It was awesome to see Maurice Purify and Nate Swift get into things early in the ball game and then Todd Peterson making some grabs and even two touchdowns.

Nebraska still isn’t ready for bigtime football.  They have weaknesses and USC exposed them all night on Saturday.  The good news is that Nebraska plays Ball State on Saturday and will hopefully get things back on track before Big 12 games start up.

Scoring (USC 49, NU 31)

First Quarter (Nebraska 7, USC 7)
USC – Stanley Havili 5 pass from John David Booty (David Buehler kick), 10:49, USC 7-0
NU – Cody Glenn 1 run (Alex Henery kick), 1:03, 7-7

Second Quarter (USC 21, NU 10)
NU – Alex Henery 37 field goal, 9:04, NU 10-7
USC – Havili 2 run (Buehler kick), 6:50, USC 14-10
USC – Stafon Johnson 7 run (Buehler kick), 3:52, USC 21-10

Third Quarter (USC 42, NU 10)
USC – Anthony McCoy 2 pass from Booty (Buehler kick), 11:29, USC 28-10
USC – Chauncey Washington 1 run (Buehler kick), 9:14, USC 35-10
USC – Chauncey Washington 1 run (Buehler kick), 5:03, USC 42-10

Fourth Quarter (USC 49, NU 31)
NU – Glenn 1 run (Henery kick), 12:09, USC 42-17
USC – Allen Bradford 6 run (Buehler kick), 6:45, USC 49-17
NU – Todd Peterson 20 pass from Sam Keller (Keller to Sean Hill 2PAT pass), 4:32, USC 49-25
NU – Todd Peterson 18 pass from Keller (Keller 2PAT pass failed), 0:51, USC 49-31

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NebraskaAre all you Husker fans ready for the #1 team in the country to come into Memorial Stadium Saturday night and take on the Huskers!  Are you jacked up?  If not, something is wrong with you lol!  Lets get Memorial Stadium rocking the loudest it has ever been!  Just like Coach Callahan is asking for, make a lot of noise while USC is in the huddle and until the ball is snapped.  Don’t sit down, don’t stop yelling, and lets help out the Huskers!

Ok now onto the game lol.  I think the big thing for the Huskers will be how the offensive line performs.  If they are able to give protection to Sam Keller and open up holes for Marlon Lucky and Quentin Castille to run between the tackles I think the Huskers will have a shot.  But if Keller is getting pressure and Lucky and Castille can’t run at all, it is going to be a very long night for the Huskers.

I don’t think we will be able to run the ball on the outside due to the speed of the USC linebackers, so it is key that we establish the run between the tackles and get some first downs early in the ball game.  That will also setup the pass down the field which Nebraska has to take some changes this game unlike last year when the Huskers and Trojans faced off.

On the defensive side of the ball for the Huskers, they have got to get pressure on Booty.  You cannot give him much time back there or the Trojan wide receivers will tear our secondary apart.  They are just too big and too fast for everyone to keep up.  If we can get pressure on Booty and make him make some bad throws that is going to really help out the Blackshirts.  I’m expecting the Trojans to throw deep quite a bit during the game and try to make a knockout punch early in the game.  How will our defense stand up?  That is the very big question.

If the Huskers can keep the tournovers under two, I think they will stay in the game.  But if Keller is rushed he will throw 2-3 interceptions without a doubt.

What do you all think with the Huskers chances?  Do you plan on standing and being loud the entire game no matter what anyone says around you?  I sure hope you do!

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NebraskaIn a rare ACC-Big 12 match-up, Florida State (1-1) travels 1,650 miles west to take on Colorado (1-1) in a night viagra england game set for ESPN. Both programs are at a pivotal point. Colorado is looking for their first big win in the Dan Hawkins era. Florida State is trying to re-establish their name in the college football world after finishing 7-6 last season and opening this season with a loss to Clemson.

Why CU will win?

This is a game CU players and fans have had circled for some time. Coach Hawkins understands that this is a statement game for the CU program. CU will win this game if Florida State continues to make the mental mistakes that have plagued this program for the past two years. I expect Hawkins to pull out the bells and whistles for this game and if he is able to pull a surprise or two by Coach Bowden the Buffs could win this game. Also, this game is in Boulder which is 5,156 feet higher than what the Seminoles are use to. For those who have not gone from sea level to a mile high to play an athletic event, it is quite the challenge.

What does CU need to do to win?

  • Run the ball effectively

Last week versus Arizona State, CU rushed for only 32 yards. Starting running back Hugh Charles returns for CU after missing last weeks game with a hamstring injury. Quarterback Cody Hawkins looks to be a promising signal caller but right now he does not have the arm strength or wide receivers to win this game without the support of a good ground attack. Florida State’s defense has been solid versus the run so far this season. FSU allowed just 132 yards versus Clemson’s running back duo of James Davies and C.J. Spiller. Last week versus UAB they allowed only 119 rushing yards but the Blazers were able to average 4.3 yards per carry.

  • Win the intangibles

One of the biggest obstacles for Florida State this season has been penalties and turnovers. Against UAB they had 12 penalties for 131 yards along with three turnovers. FSU was minus eight in turnovers last season. To defeat a program like FSU, CU has to win the turnover battle. CU is minus one in turnovers through two games.

Why FSU will win?

Speed. Colorado has not faced a team with the type of speed Florida State possesses. Coach Hawkins admitted earlier this week that the Seminoles are much faster than the Arizona State team that beat the Buffs by 19 points. From linebacker Geno Hayes to cornerback Myron Rolle, the Seminoles have plenty of speed on the defensive side of the ball. This speed will make it very difficult for Cody Hawkins to throw the ball consistently on Saturday. Last week versus Arizona State Hawkins was just 15-for-42 with 155 yards passing. Granted he had a number of passes dropped including two would-be touchdown passes. CU’s passing game was among the worse in the country last year. Early indications show that the passing game will be better this year but you may not see it on Saturday.

What does FSU need to do to win?

  • Get ahead early

If FSU can get ahead early it could be a long evening in Boulder for CU. CU doesn’t have the athletes quite yet to score quickly and often which was evident in the Arizona State game. CU did show the ability to come back in week one versus CSU (down 28-17 in the 3rd quarter) but FSU’s overall speed and talent is on a different level than CSU.

  • Consistent play from Weatherford

Most FSU fans were calling for backup Xavier Lee after Weatherford’s poor performance versus Clemson. Weatherford responded by throwing for 332 yards and 3 touchdowns versus UAB last week. Weatherford has been extremely inconsistent throughout his career. Matter of fact, the last time Weatherford had back-to-back 300 yard games is October of 2005. Weatherford isn’t the only person to blame. His wide receivers, DeCody Fagg and Greg Carr in particular, have been very inconsistent so far this season.


FSU is not the same team we saw in the 90’s but they still have a lot of speed and talent. Both teams have issues right now but FSU has more overall talent to make up for all the problems. FSU has Alabama next on the schedule so they know they need to start playing better now. I like FSU 24 to 13 as I think they have too much speed for CU.

By PJMHusker

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