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Wow, what a day and night it was in Lincoln this past Saturday for myself and my wife. We got started on the road Friday morning to make the seven hour drive to Lincoln and checked out the Rail Yard area for food and drinks. Came away very impressed with the area!

After the rain stopped Saturday morning we ventured out ended up grabbing a parking spot at 10th and N for $30 bucks. Looks like the prices have went up since I last parked in this lot and they said no tailgating? What the heck, it was an open area and not garage. Good thing we had plans to head over to the Lincoln Journal Star lot where we had some friends that had a spot there.

Tailgated for five or so hours with hundreds  of Husker and Hurricane fans. Everyone was getting a long great and there were zero problems. Plenty of food and drinks to go around just like tailgating should be. (Hint, not like down on the reservation lot where the cops showed up etc). Be smarter people!

On to the game. Wow, Memorial Stadium was rocking from the tunnel walk all through the game. The tunnel walk was one of the best ones I had though and the 94 team coming through the tunnel once again was a great sight. I’m sure those players and coaches really enjoyed doing that one more time.

You could tell what the game plan was for Nebraska. Run Run Run and hope to wear down the Miami line. The Hurricanes were primarily playing a 4-3 defense but had to spread the linebackers out to cover a slot receiver which really opened up the middle of the field for Ameer Abdullah. Not sure why Miami didn’t roll the safeties up closer and force Beck to call more passing plays..

With Abdullah running wild, for the tune of 229 yards on 35 carries and two total touchdowns the Nebraska offense put up 41 points vs the Hurricanes 31 points. The offensive line played good and the wide outs did an exceptional job of blocking out on the edge.

It was the defense however that was the turning point in the game. Trevor Roach forced a Duke Johnson fumble which Josh Mitchell scooped up and took back for a 57 yard touch down. From that point forward, the game got very chipping with the Hurricanes picking up five personal foul penalties and trying to start fights all over the field. Thug U at their best…

The blackshirts weren’t their best on the field but they played well enough to get the win. The linebackers were the one group that I thought had a rough night minus the Roach forced fumble. Duke Johnson was a matchup nightmare for the linebackers and it is something that the guys really need to work on. Better angles and tackling in the open field. They better get that fixed before Saturday as Illinois will be coming to town and will be trying the same thing on offense.

Overall it was a battle by both teams and Nebraska came out on top. Next years game down in Miami is going to be a scary one. Not only for the team, but also the fans in my opinion. I will not be making that trip I have already decided. I just don’t want to be there for the the mess that could happen.

We had seats in section 108 and loved it there. Great fans all around us. No shut up and sit down comments as everyone was into the game just as it should be. By the way, make sure you go up from your seats if you need to use the bathroom or grab some concessions. Much faster than going down the stairs and back down to the ground level.

Nebraska 41 – Miami 31. GBR! @NEBSPORTS

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Canada Goose sale His homophobia aside, its hard to talk about a sequel. Considering they royally screwed canada goose outlet black friday sale up the movies ending canada goose outlet canada goose outlet us by trying to incoherently mix together parts of enders exile into movie ending creating one hell of a plot hole in the process. They also ignored a number of key side stories in the movie that act as the driving plot for the next book. Canada Goose sale

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canada goose factory sale I want to read what he wrote about you for the liner notes of this album. He wrote that without your contribution there would be no record. He said, (reading) At a certain point, after over a year of intense labor, both Pat who wrote the melodies and I coincidentally broke down with canada goose outlet online store review severe back injuries and canada goose outlet store quebec other disagreeable visitations. canada goose factory sale

canada goose It is this paring down of the picture first to colors, then to patterns, and finally to painting rendered canada goose outlet kokemuksia with pallet knife and roller, that aligns Gaitonde with Rosenberg’s action painters rather than to Clement Greenberg’s formalists, who held to theories of form underpinning abstraction. I am referring to the legacy of Clement Greenberg, the American art critic who championed the Abstract Expressionists, the first great American school of modernist art. Greenberg’s book, Modernist Painting, crowned formalism as the premiere postwar art of the world. canada goose

canadian goose jacket The t shirt itself is a high quality cotton. As for the LEDs, it comes with a volume sensor for adjusting the speed of flashing. It does require two AAA batteries, which can be purchased here. Never under estimate the sheer size of Sicily. It was inevitable, even on a two week tour, that something would have to give so you won’t canada goose outlet germany find the far west, or the island’s agricultural heartlands, or (to my regret) Palermo, a chaotic but captivating city which deserves to be seen in canada goose jacket outlet sale a separate trip, and not from behind the wheel of a hire car. What I have tried to do is factor canada goose jacket outlet uk in enough downtime to offset all the driving canadian goose jacket.

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