NebraskaThe University of Nebraska released a statement this morning saying that the first three football games would be shown on Pay Per View.  That means Huskers fans that don’t have tickets or can’t make the game will be at home shelling out $30 for the game in most cases.

Western Michigan, San Jose St., and New Mexico St. are the three games to kick off the Huskers season.  The Western Michigan gametime as been set for 6 P.M. while the San Jose game has been slated to kickoff at 11:30 A.M.

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NebraskaWow, the recruiting as really picked up for the Nebraska Cornhuskers the past three days.  Thursday was the third straight day that they have received a verbal commitment from a high school prospect out of the state of Texas.  Nick Ash called Coach Pelini and told him he would accept the scholarship offer to attend the University of Nebraska.

Ash is from Keller, Texas and stands in at 6’5 and 261 pounds.  He choose the Huskers over Purdue, Texas Tech, Vanderbilt, Washington State, TCU, Arizona, Houston, and Kansas.  Ash is a good get for the Huskers that is for sure.  I still look for them to take one or two more offensive line prospects in the 2009 class.  We just might see another one added in the next few days so keep checking back at Nebsports!

Congrats on joining the Big Red family Mr. Ash!

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NebraskaThe Nebraska Football team got another verbal commitment from a player out of the state of Texas today.  Emerson Evans is a defensive end / linebacker from the big time program Alief Taylor out of Houston.  We are told that Evans is currently 6 foot 1 and weights in at 230 pounds.

Evans said that the coaching staff will play him at the defensive end position and let his natural abilities get to the quarterback.  Hopefully he will stay fast and be able to do that.  He also plans to take an unofficial visit soon with his mother and then come back during the fall for his official visit.

Welcome to the Big Red family Mr. Evans!

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NebraskaWhen the Nebraska Football media guide was released at the Big12 Media days on Monday, Ronnell Grixby’s name was not listed with the walk ons.  Well we now know why thanks to an article by the Omaha World Herald.  Grixby was tested this summer while doing workouts and his heart registered in at 215 beats when the average hear beats around 165 times a minute during workouts.  As a precaution, Grixy was held out of workouts while more tests were run.

Grixby has been told he can workout but they want to make sure that the problem does not happen again.  Grixby will not walk on in 2008 but hopes to rejoin the team in 2009 once he knows his body is all good to go.  We wish Ronnell and his family all the best and hopefully we can see a another healthy Grixby wearing Husker red.

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NebraskaThe Nebraska Football team received a committment on Tuesday from Jesse Coffey who is a offensive linemen from Denton, Texas.  Coffey stands in at 6’7-6’8 and weightts 290 lbs at the moment.  He says that he has the frame to go bigger if he needs to it will all just depend on what the coaching staff wants.

The offensive tackle is the seventh high school player and the fourth Texan to verbally committ to the program so far this year.  I would expect the Huskers to take 3-4 more offensive linemen in this recruiting class so hopefully this is just the beginning!

Welcome to the Big Red family Mr. Coffey!

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NebraskaToday was the first day of the Big 12 Media Day down in Kansas City and the Nebraska Cornhuskers were one of the first teams that talked.  Bo Pelini, Joe Ganz, Matt Slausen, and Barry Turner all made the trip to media days.  I don’t know how much thought you can put into the talk out of the players mouths as they aren’t always telling the truth at these events before the season starts.  However, there was some things that Coach Pelini mentioned that we should talk about here.

First off there are four recruits that are not on the active roster because they do not have the qualifying test scores at this time to gain acceptance into the university.  Antonio Bell, David Grant, Justin Rogers, and David Whitmore are all not listed.  Coach Pelini did say the players are working towards those test scores but he is unsure if they will make it in time.

Pelini also mentioned that Anthony Blue is still injured with his torn acl injury.  He will not be ready for camp in a couple of weeks but hopefully soon after he will get back into drills.  Highly touted recruit Baker Steinkuhler has been playing on the defensive line this summer but the coaching staff still aren’t sure where he will line up once fall camp opens.  Coach mentioned that the defense as a team really needs to step it up if they want to compete in the Big 12 Conference.  I think a lot of time is going to be spent on the defensive side of the ball in camp.

Plenty of reporters noticed how slimmed down Matt Slausen was.  Slausen says he is down to a size 40 waist and would like to get down to a 38 but his hips are naturally just to large.  Hopefully a slimmer Slausen will be greater things out of him in the upcoming season.

Joe Ganz had the best joke of the day when asked about looking bigger in the upper body and running the ball a lot more the season.  He cracked a joke “I’m Tim Tebow, baby.”

So what is your outlook on the Huskers upcoming season?  I can’t wait for camp to open up in the next few weeks and see what kind of team will be out on the field.  I have my season tickets and can’t wait for the kickoff!  If you need Nebraska Football Tickets we always send our readers to StubHub!  It is where fans buy and sell tickets and where all transactions are 100% guranteed!

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NebraskaJames W. Conradt, a Nebraska football fan living in Austin, Texas created what is now being called a big Internet hoax about University of Oklahoma football players Sam Bradford and Landry Jones.  Conradt posted a message on the Sooners message board.

Conradt used a template from to create the article about Bradford and Jones being arrested for drug charges.  Conradt said in an interview that he was just trying to get the Sooners fans riled up after a Sooners fan was talking smack on another message board.

Mr. Conradt has now been apologizing about the incident and has said that he wasn’t thinking when he did it.  Yeah no kidding you weren’t thinking.  Conradt could be be in a legal battle with Kevin Jones who is Landry’s father.  Jones has said “I have deep enough pockets, I plan to prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law.”

So Husker fans (or Sooners fans if you are reading), what is your take on this whole hoax?  Is the Internet all fun and games when it comes to talking smack?  I say Conradt took it a little bit too far.

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