NebraskaJim Ebke played his high school football at Lincoln East and then took a full ride scholarship offer at South Dakota State to begin his college career in 2007.  After being moved to a linebacker position and redshirting last year, Ebke begin to release that he would like to head back to Lincoln.

Ebke was told he was welcome to walk onto the football team and that was all that it took for him to enroll in spring classes.  Ebke says he would like to compete at the quarterback position, and he will just have to see how it goes, but he will give it his best shot.

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NebraskaYou can take off that “interim athletic director” tag off of Tom Osborne now.  Osborne today was officially announced as the Athletic Director at the University of Nebraska.  Osborne has agreed to to the title until June 30th, 2010.

Hopefully Osborne is here longer then that and all the sports teams are in great shape and winning national championships!

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NebraskaThe question everyone keeps asking is “What is happening with Nebraska’s recruiting class?”.   I don’t know the perfect answer but something is definately not right.  Nebraska has lost verbal committments from Bryce Givins, Simi Kuli, Josh Williams, Doug Rippy, and Will Compton just this week alone!

Givins, Williams, and Rippy are all headed to Colorado where they will meet up with ex-husker commit Shaun Mohler.

You really have to wonder what kind of talk other coaches are putting in these kids ears.  Of course, Nebraska is breaking in a new coaching staff is being talked about, but you know there has to be a lot of other negative recruiting going on as well.  I’m not going to sit here and complain about that, because that happens at every school.  It is just a shock at how many recruits are de-commiting to goto other schools when just a week ago they said Nebraska was still their top choice.

So what are you opinions as to why the Nebraska recruiting class is beginning to stink?  Can this new coaching staff just coach and not recruit?  Are we headed back to the Solich days when we couldn’t recruit the top players?

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NebraskaWhile most people already knew most of the members that would be on Coach Pelini’s coaching staff, he formally came out and released a report through the Athletic Department talking about each assistant coach and what their responsibilities will be with the football team.

You will see some new and some old names in the list of assistant coaches.  I know some people are thinking to themeseles, “Are we going back to the 2002 era where we couldn’t recruit with these coaches?”.  Well time will only tell if Coach Pelini can recruit with these coaches.

Offensive Coaches:

Shawn Watson:  Offensive Coordinator / Quarterbacks Coach
Ron Brown:  Tight Ends Coach
Barney Cotton:  Associate Head Coach / Offensive Line Coach
Ted Gilmore:  Assistant Head Coach / Wide Receivers Coach / Recruiting Coordinator

**Coach Pelini mentioned that he will hire the running backs coach after he is done coaching in his bowl game.  Right now I have not heard who the coach will be and we probably won’t until after his bowl game.**  (Randy Jordan was asked to come back, but declined the offer)

Defensive Coaches:

Carl Pelini:  Defensive Coordinator / Defensive Line Coach
Mike Ekeler:  Linebackers Coach
John Papuchis:  Defensive Ends Coach
Marvin Sanders:  Secondary Coach

Coach Pelini also said that former Husker player Jeff Jamrog will be back with the team.  Jamrog’s position will be the Assisant Athletic Director for Football Operations.

How do you all feel with this coaching staff?  My biggest concern once again is recruiting.  Can these guys like Cotton, Brown, Ekeler, Sanders, and Papuchis recruit highly rated recruits that can take the Huskers to the elite level of college football again?

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NebraskaMark this one down as a big time loss for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  In-state player Trevor Robinson from Elkhorn has committed to Notre Dame over Nebraska and Michigan.  I know there are alot of Husker fans that are going crazy right now.  They are all thinking how can you let a great player from the state of Nebraska goto Notre Dame?  Well you can’t fault the kid for making the decision.  It is where Trevor wanted to continue his education and play football.  No harm in that.

Trevor said that it was the relationships with the coaching staff at Notre Dame that made him feel comfortable.  I wonder what would have happened if Callahan was still coaching at Nebraska.  Time for Nebraska to move along, and hopefully find a great offensive linemen recruit! 

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NebraskaThe Atheltics Department has decided to make some changes to the 2008 and 2010 college football schedules for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  The changes for 2008 consist of moving the Western Michigan game from September 27th to August 30th.  And then moving the Virginia Tech game to September 27th instead of September 20th.  That leaves the Huskers with an open date on September 20th.

As far as the 2010 schedule, three non-conference games have been added.  Western Kentucky, Idaho, and South Dakota State will be making a trip to Lincoln.  Sure they aren’t the bigger named schools, but you can’t schedule a USC or Virginia Tech for every non-conference game.

What do you all think of the schedule changes?  Good or bad?

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NebraskaAfter the hiring of Coach Pelini, recruiting is getting off to a pretty good start.  Two new players have verabally comitted to the Nebraska Football team.  It will be exciting to see what players decide to come to Nebraska with the new staff that is being put together.

Ben Cotton, who is the son of newly hired Barney Cotton, committed last night after being offered a full ride scholarship a few hours before.  Cotton was originally comitted to the University of Louisville.  He is a 6’5 tight-end and will be coached by the newly hired Ron Brown.

Micah Kreikemeier from West Point, Nebraska also verbally committed a few nights ago.  He was suprised to see a caller id name of Thomas Osborne calling his house Sunday evening and quickly figured out what was going on!  Kreikemeier will be a project and whatever position he ends up playing.

Welcome to the Big Red Family!

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