NebraskaThe question everyone keeps asking is “What is happening with Nebraska’s recruiting class?”.   I don’t know the perfect answer but something is definately not right.  Nebraska has lost verbal committments from Bryce Givins, Simi Kuli, Josh Williams, Doug Rippy, and Will Compton just this week alone!

Givins, Williams, and Rippy are all headed to Colorado where they will meet up with ex-husker commit Shaun Mohler.

You really have to wonder what kind of talk other coaches are putting in these kids ears.  Of course, Nebraska is breaking in a new coaching staff is being talked about, but you know there has to be a lot of other negative recruiting going on as well.  I’m not going to sit here and complain about that, because that happens at every school.  It is just a shock at how many recruits are de-commiting to goto other schools when just a week ago they said Nebraska was still their top choice.

So what are you opinions as to why the Nebraska recruiting class is beginning to stink?  Can this new coaching staff just coach and not recruit?  Are we headed back to the Solich days when we couldn’t recruit the top players?

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4 Responses to “What is happening with the Nebraska recruiting class?”

  1. Center of Football Universe Says:

    Nebraska’s recruiting class? You ask about Nebraska’s recruiting class? I don’t think we want the recruiting class of Bill Callahan and Kevin Cosgrove. They seemed to have trouble getting the Wins in the W column, I used to think you can make all of these kids (who are athelete’s) into Nebraska Football players, but they proved that theory incorrect.

    I think Cosgrove and Callahan must have owned RIVALS.COM because their recruiting classes were highly rated and we lost, lost, lost, lost (4 years). Sad to say but I wouldn’t worry much about the recruits of these coach’s, the chief reason they were removed is they could not evaluate adn develop talent and put the correct talent on the field.

  2. Sheldon Cummings Says:

    I had rivals account and alot of players are overrated… We need to get through this year and things will be fine… Not the best thing jumping to Colorado. We will have to see on signing day

  3. Big Red Reality Says:

    Losing players is never a positive. However, if the four players going to Colorado think that’s a picnic, they’re sadly mistaken. Those players will look back and remember that they should have stayed with their “gut” feeling and remained on Nebraska’s commit list.

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