So I’ve been pretty quite on the blog this season as it’s been such an up and down season for the Cornhuskers and their coaching staff. Blow out losses, hat swipes at line judges and the same mistakes over and over have been frustrating. The one thing I have liked all season long however is the fight that the coaches and players have showed. The players have not given up at all and played decent despite all of the injuries as of late.

The fans are split on what should happen with the coaching staff especially head coach Bo Pelini. Should he be fired? Should he stay and man up and make changes to his assistants? Is the A.D. even man enough to make a big boy move and fire a head coach that will be owed close to 8 million dollars and then also pay out his assistants and then go out and spend big boy dollars on a head coach and new assistants?

After the audio was released last night about Bo not wanting to tape his tv show I figured he was all but gone. And he may still be but this statement from A.D. Shawn Eichorst says Bo is good for now and sounds like he will be through the bowl game.

“My approach has always been to not comment publicly about our coaches until their full seasons are complete, as I strongly believe it is unfair and counter to best practices. However, given the volume of unfounded speculation and conjecture about our head football coach, I want to reaffirm what I have said many times since I have arrived at the University of Nebraska — that I positively respect, appreciate and support our football student-athletes, coaches and staff, as we do everyone in the Husker family. We very much look forward to our upcoming bowl game and Coach Pelini continuing to lead our program in the future.”

Hmm so if he is ok to stay through the bowl game, why not come out and say Bo Pelini will be the coach of the Nebraska football team next season and everyone can move on. Including the recruits who are always waiting to be told what is going on. The bowl game shouldn’t be a game that is a fire him or not type of game in my opinion.

So I’m here now saying I have no idea what will be going on. No clue if Bo will still be the head coach following the bowl game or not. If not, make the change now and lets move on. If not, come out and say yes Bo will be here next season. If thats the case, Bo needs to step up and make some big boy decisions and get rid of some “friends” that are assistants…

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