Greg Paulus to Nebraska?Former Nebraska quarterback Patrick Witt has announced where he will be transferring too and also had some very good things to say about Coach Pelini and the Nebraska football team in an article put out by the Omaha World Herald today. Witt will be transferring to Yale where he will be available to play next season since they are a Div-AA team

Witt said the move was purely for academic reasons and he never demanded anything from Coach Pelini. He just felt that the decision should be made before Spring practices started so the coaches could make any changes that they needed to. Here is a little excerpt from the article:

“I am indebted to (Pelini) for his support and for all the help he has provided me during this transition,” Witt said in the statement. “I am confident that the Husker football program will enjoy much success in the seasons to come under his leadership.

“Growing up, playing Division I college football was a dream of mine, and I am thankful to have been able to do just that as a Nebraska Cornhusker.”

We wish Witt good luck as he continues on at Yale.

As for another quarterback, it is expected that Greg Paulus will be checking out the University of Nebraska campus and talking to the coaches. Details were being talked about on other blogs and messages boards about Paulus being on campus Thursday or Friday. He is currently finishing up final exams at Duke where he will graduate after this semester.

Paulus threw for 11,763 yards and 152 touchdowns and was named Gatorade National High School Football Player of the Year after his senior campaign. He was said to have more than 75 scholarship offers in football and basketball when he was just a sophomore.

Paulus might not be a bad guy to have on the team even though he hasn’t played football for four years. The Huskers would love to redshirt Cody Green and Latravis Washington if possible and who knows how the rehab for Kody Spano will go through the offseason. I say bring him in if he wants to and see what happens.

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Nebraska Spring PracticeGood news Huskers fans! Spring Football is just around the corner for the Nebraska Cornhuskers and they held their first set of press conferences today in Lincoln. Coach Pelini had quite a bit to talk about today during the press conference. He talked about the quarterback situation, how he expects the defense to play much better this next season, and also mentioned the players that are no longer on the football roster.

We will start with the quarterback situation first. Coach Pelini and players have said that they have the up-most confidence in Zac Lee. Lee however will get equal snaps in Spring practice Pelini said. Nothing is being handed to Lee even though Patrick Witt has left the team. Lee will be going into the practices as he hopes to get the number one spot over Kody Spano, Cody Green and newly moved Latravis Washington.

I’m surprised that Washington moved back to the quarterback position after being recruited to play defense out of high school.  I suppose Pelini wanted more depth through Spring practice at the position. I just hope they don’t move Washington back and forth from QB to the defense and he never get settled into one position. It will also be interesting to see what happens once Taylor Martinez comes to campus for the fall semester.

Another thing with the quarterback situation to think about for the future is if Miami transfer Robert Marve decides to come to Nebraska. Marve will be attending the Spring game and Coach Pelini has already said if things fell into place they would accept Marve on the Huskers roster.

The four players that are no longer on the roster are Major Culbert, John Levorson, Justin Rodgers and Austin Stafford.

We plan on having a report after the first practice which is on Wednesday. We welcome all comments and hope to see your comments on the site!

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patrick asks to leave nebraskaI have heard news this evening that quarterback Patrick Witt has asked for his scholarship release and has already taken the necessary steps to leave the Husker football program. Witt was expected to be the starting quarterback next season so this is a big blow to the Husker program in my opinion.

Now it appears like Zac Lee will be the man under center for the Cornhuskers in the 2009 season. Behind Lee on the depth chart I imagine would be Kody Spano and then freshman Cody Green. Green has the possibility of moving up the depthy chart in Spring ball but for him to overtake Lee for the starting job would be very hard I would think.

We will have more on this story when the university releases their statement. As of right now Witt has not been released of his scholarship from head coach Bo Pelini.

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