Finally! Coach Pelini has finally spoken about the coaching staff changes that many have been talking about for a couple of weeks. Bo, while out in California finally told a reporter from the AP the changes and many people are thinking what the heck took so long. I’m pretty sure it had something to do with Shawn Watson finally landing a job at Louisville. Bo always said he wanted to take care of his assistants and this is one way of doing it.

But was it the right away of going about? Bo already has loose ends with the local media and even some fans due to his media relations. We all know he isn’t the best guy for talking to the media and heck can you blame him in some cases? However, the two weeks were way to long and when everyone knows about it, the University might as well give Bo the go ahead and release a statement. It would make all parties look and sound much better. This isn’t the 80’s and even the 90’s when things were kept hush hush before the Internet…

So finally the coaching changes… Ted Gilmore, Shawn Watson, Marvin Sanders (resigned due to personal issues) are out. Corey Raymond, Ross Els and Rich Fisher all step in along with a promotion for grad assistant and former player John Garrison. Raymond will coach the secondary, Els the linebacking corp while Fisher will coach the wide receivers. Garrison will be co-offensive line coach with Coach Cotton and also help out with the tight ends.

Other moves will be Tim Beck taking over play calling as offensive coordinator and Ron Brown moving over to coach the running backs. (Something Brown has never done.)

Sure will be an interesting time during spring practice and the spring game. You know to know one thing, these assistant coaches were hand picked by Coach Pelini and they are guys that coach though would be best for the players. Stick behind them, and lets see what happens for the upcoming season. I have a feeling it will be an interesting ride into Big10 country.

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