Greg Paulus to Nebraska?Former Nebraska quarterback Patrick Witt has announced where he will be transferring too and also had some very good things to say about Coach Pelini and the Nebraska football team in an article put out by the Omaha World Herald today. Witt will be transferring to Yale where he will be available to play next season since they are a Div-AA team

Witt said the move was purely for academic reasons and he never demanded anything from Coach Pelini. He just felt that the decision should be made before Spring practices started so the coaches could make any changes that they needed to. Here is a little excerpt from the article:

“I am indebted to (Pelini) for his support and for all the help he has provided me during this transition,” Witt said in the statement. “I am confident that the Husker football program will enjoy much success in the seasons to come under his leadership.

“Growing up, playing Division I college football was a dream of mine, and I am thankful to have been able to do just that as a Nebraska Cornhusker.”

We wish Witt good luck as he continues on at Yale.

As for another quarterback, it is expected that Greg Paulus will be checking out the University of Nebraska campus and talking to the coaches. Details were being talked about on other blogs and messages boards about Paulus being on campus Thursday or Friday. He is currently finishing up final exams at Duke where he will graduate after this semester.

Paulus threw for 11,763 yards and 152 touchdowns and was named Gatorade National High School Football Player of the Year after his senior campaign. He was said to have more than 75 scholarship offers in football and basketball when he was just a sophomore.

Paulus might not be a bad guy to have on the team even though he hasn’t played football for four years. The Huskers would love to redshirt Cody Green and Latravis Washington if possible and who knows how the rehab for Kody Spano will go through the offseason. I say bring him in if he wants to and see what happens.

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NebraskaThere is talk in Lincoln that Cody Glenn is moving to the linebacker position for his senior season.  There is a logjam at the running back position, and Glenn says he just wants to help out the team anyway he can.

The Lincoln Journal Star is saying that Glenn approached the coaching staff about the change and also talked to his former high school coach about it.  It appears Glenn wants the best for the team, and he thinks he can really help out on the defensive side of the ball.

What do you think Husker fans?  Do you think Glenn can play the linebacker position?  He will have the rest of spring ball and over the summer to learn the playbook.

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NebraskaRumors are going around on the Internet and talk shows that Alabama and their Head Coach Nick Saban want to meet with Nebraska Offensive Coordinator Shawn Watson about the opening for the same poisition at the University of Alabama.  Nebraska will have to give  Watson permission to talk with Saban and Alabama from what I have heard and that has not been done.

Watson could definately earn more money down in the S.E.C. conference, but would he leave Nebraska at this point?  I don’t think he will leave just because he can earn more money, but that is just what I think.  What do you think Husker Fans?

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NebraskaESPN is reporting that the University of Nebraska is ready to hire Bo Pelini as their next head coach for football.  I would assume they will put out the official word on Sunday or Monday after Pelini coaches his LSU defense in the SEC Championship game.

Someone let the cat out of the bag a little early it sounds like!  LSU could really be scrambling to find new coaches as it appears Les Miles could be headed to Michigan as well.  I’d love to see a big LSU win today, and not have all the coaching rumors etc put a damper on that team.

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NebraskaJonas Gray, the star running back from Michigan has decided to de-commit from the University of Nebraska and open up his recruiting once again.  He says his decision is because of Coach Callahan being on the hot seat and he doesn’t want to play for a coach that could be out of there in a year or even sooner.

Gray is listing Notre Dame, Michigan, LSU, and Nebraska has his favorites right now.  He is still interested in the Huskers, he just wants to see how things play out with the coaching staff.

Also, look for Blaine Gabbert to do the same once the coaching change is made.  I see Gabbert moving onto Missouri but I sure hope I am wrong.  This is what happens when you have coaches on the brink of being fired, your recruiting class doesn’t know what to do, and they have to try to make the best decisions for their future.  You can’t fault these guys for looking around, if I were them, I would be too.

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NebraskaRumors are going around that Ryan Wehrle is headed to Cal State Fullerton to play baseball next season. We are not sure if this is 100% true right now, but yesterday Ryan and his family met with Steve Pederson and he was granted his release but he cannot sign with another Big12 team or another team in Nebraska.

Have you all heard the same thing that Wehrle is headed to Cal St. Fullerton?

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NebraskaYesterday the University of Nebraska and Doc Sadler both said that he would not be headed to Arkansas to coach the Razorbacks.  It is rumored that Texas A&M’s Billy Gillispie will be taking the job.  Gillispie and Sadler are very good friends and that could be a reason why Sadler decided to turn down the job.  I’m suprised that Doc didn’t look into somemore considering he is from Arkasnsas and a graduate from the college, and also was an assistant coach there.

Well we know how well Doc Sadler is committed to this Huskers program and that is huge!  We can only hope that the Huskers will be playing in the big tournament in a few years.

Nebraska Basketball

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