NebraskaThere is talk in Lincoln that Cody Glenn is moving to the linebacker position for his senior season.  There is a logjam at the running back position, and Glenn says he just wants to help out the team anyway he can.

The Lincoln Journal Star is saying that Glenn approached the coaching staff about the change and also talked to his former high school coach about it.  It appears Glenn wants the best for the team, and he thinks he can really help out on the defensive side of the ball.

What do you think Husker fans?  Do you think Glenn can play the linebacker position?  He will have the rest of spring ball and over the summer to learn the playbook.

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4 Responses to “Cody Glenn moving to linebacker?”

  1. ben spanjer Says:

    I think that he has everything it will take to make a great linebacker. I just don’t know if he can tackle. we’ll see.

  2. Chad Linder Says:

    I was Cody’s quarterback in high school and believe me he would hit the opponent so hard, they line down in front of him before taking another hit.

  3. Richard Tilley Says:

    I think Cody will be great at the linebacker position. Perfect height, perfect weight, and perfect speed i think this year is his year!

  4. Robert Gonzalez Says:

    I was part of Codys O-Line in highschool, the kids a natural athlete with overwelming talent, he will be fine!

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