So I haven’t updated the site in a bit as you cam probably tell. I didn’t even feel like trying to come up with a game recap after that poor performance in the Holiday Bowl against Washington. Instead I walked 5ft to our home bra and drowned the sorrrows away until 3am with friends. Sure the next morning didn’t feel any better but I think I would have felt the same with alchol or no alcohol with that performance. But enough about that. What’s been happening in Husker Nation the past few weeks or so?

First off Shawn Watson and Ted Gilmore are still here and so is Taylor Martinez. That is a story in it self as many Husker fans wish that Watson would have landed a head coaching job just because he does not have the background to run the style of offense that Bo Pelini wants to run with Martinez under center. Gilmore has been a hot topic because of the lack of receivers growing in his system. Players do not seem to be progressing and the younger guys never seem to get into the game because they cannot block. Hmm receivers catch passes thrown to them, not block all of the time coach!

Martinez quickly released a statement (through is dad) that he is not transferring to another school and is looking forward to the upcoming season.

With T-Mart coming back, I really hope he puts the time in this off season to build a better relationship with the fellow players and coaching staff. A good off season for Taylor will be crucial for the Huskers and their first season in the Big 10 Conference.

One player who will not be back next year is running back Dontrayevous Robinson who has elected to transfer to Montana State. Robinson ran well up the middle in a i-back formation but with the zone read and spread type that the Huskers look at moving to, Robinson was just not fit for the new system.

The recruiting class is coming along even though players like Tevin Mitchell have decided to go else where and not keep their original commitment to Nebraska. That’s all part of the recruiting game and it happens to every school out there. You just hope that the coaches can close out this class with a few surprises instead of having plays go else where. We will have more on recruiting when national signing day comes.

Not really new information but my thoughts on where we are right now in Husker Nation. It will be an interesting off season no doubt and I can’t wait to get Big 10 conference play started!

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