Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini along with with players Roy Helu Jr., Ndamukong Suh and Jacob Hickman were down in Irving, Texas where the 2009 Big 12 media days are taking place this week. There wasn’t a whole lot of news that was surprising to me but here are the highlights of the chat with Coach Pelini and the players.

Coach Pelini said that the players are ready to go and woudl love to get at things right now. Nine wins is not where they want to be but they are getting to where they need to be if they take the opportunity. Pelini also said that Jaivorio Burkes is not longer with the team but didn’t speculate on the situation anymore than that.

Ndamukong Suh said that he is glad that he elected to stay at Nebraska not enter the NFL draft. He did pay attention to the draft to see where other Husker players went, but he never did think of where he would have been drafted had he chosen to go to the NFL.

Roy Helu Jr. said that he is very impressed with the young players that the coaching staff is bringing in. Helu said that the offense is also taking a lot more shots down the field and it is fun to see.

The one big thing that offensive linemen Jacob Hickman commented on was that he thought that Ricky Henry will be the number one right guard on the team. We all know that Ricky has a great motor and hopefully he plays under control and really helps out on the line.

So it sounds like the players are anxious to get the season going and get at things. I’m excited for the season and think it will be a very good season for the Huskers. I’m ready for practices to get started and you can expect the blog to be rocking and rolling as the season comes closer!


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Good morning Big Red Nation. I’m finally home after spending the last five days in Las Vegas on a little vacation with the wife. The upcoming season will be here before we know it and I’m very excited for practices to begin and for the blog to be a lot more active. Hope you plan on coming back each and every day!

During the week, the Big 12 conference released their media preseason football team and two Huskers found their names on the first team lists. Ndamukong Suh and Alex Henery were both chosen by the media. Suh was also chosen as the Big 12 defensive player of the year.

We will have more about the upcoming season this next week as media days will be taking place down in Irving, Texas, July 27-29. Live video coverage can be seen on

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What’s up Husker fans? One day that a lot of college football fans look forward to is the yearly release of NCAA College Football put out by EA Sports and today was the day NCAA 10 was released. So far I’ve only played game and not sure what I think of it compared to the 09 version.

I played Nebraska vs Colorado for my first game and the Huskers came out on top 24-20. I was impressed with Zac Lee, Roy Helu Jr. and Niles Paul in the game. I was a little dissappointed in the seconday as they just don’t seem to react quick enough to make a jump and pick off a pass. Maybe it’s just me, but unless a ball is thrown right at you, more than likely you won’t pick it off.

The new animations are nice looking but the crowd still looks terrible. I don’t think EA really cares about the crowd at all as there haven’t really be improvements with that part of the game in a long time.

Overall, the game play is fun but I don’t see a lot of improvement from the 09 version. I’d probably rate it an 8 out of 10.

Anyone else pick up the game today? What’s your thoughts?

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