NebraskaNebraska Associate AD for Football Tim Cassidy has decided to take a similar job with the Texas A&M Aggies.  Cassidy will be working closely with newly hired head caoch Mike Sherman.  The two worked together in the past at A&m so it will be a good fit for Cassidy.

TIme will tell what will happen with this poisition.  First a head coach will be hired, and then they will move onto this position I’d assume.  Maybe the head coach would bring along some one that would work closely with him and the Interm A.D. Tom Osborne.

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NebraskaInterim Athletic Director Tom Osborne, ans how named himself the interm football coach at Nebraska!  But hold on people, don’t get happy lol.  Osborne is only doing this until the new coach is hired, and it allows him to get out on the road and do some recruiting until the new coach is hired.

It will allow him more in-home visits with recruits rather then sitting back in Lincoln and only working the phones etc.

It has been reported that Kevin Cozgrove and Phil Elmassian are not doing any sort of recruiting.  Don’t look for those two to be on the new coaching staff once everything gets setteled.

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NebraskaMarlon Lucky and Carl Nicks have been named to 2nd team All-Big 12.  Ten other Husker players were added to honorable mention as well.  Not too bad overall for a team that finished below .500 and not going to a bowl game.  Hopefully Lucky decides to come back and play his senior year for the Big Red, and will be first team next year.

The players that received honorable mention are:

Brett Byford
Lydon Murtha
Jacob Hickman
Maurice Purify
Zach Potter
Bo Rudd
Steve Octavien
Larry Asante
Cortney Grixby
Dan Titchener

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NebraskaBo Pelini has been interviewd by Tom Osborne and all the reports are saying it went very well.  Turner Gill will also be interviewed but as of right now nothing is set in stone.  Gill is said to be in Florida recruiting and hasn’t been reached so far to comment.

Looking for Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe to also be interviewd.  I could see the whole process being over this week however with Bo Pelini being named the Head Coach.

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NebraskaA Cessna airplane registered to a big booster of the univeristy is on its way to Baton Rouge, Louisiana right now.  Should be touching down around 3 pm.  We all know it is to interview Bo Pelini for the head coaching job.  Will he take it if offered?

You can check the flight staus right here.

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NebraskaWhile there is a press conference schedule in 45 minutes (9:30 Lincoln time) I have heard that Bill Callahan was let go by the University this morning.  Around 7:20 Callahan arrived at the University with Tom Osborne shortly following.  The meeting only last 10-15 minutes so it must have been right to the point.

Right now, I haven’t heard word about what assistants will be let go, they started their meeting around 8 a.m.  I’ll be away from the computer most of today, so please bare with me, I will have updates as quickly as I can!

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NebraskaWell for the second time in four years under Bill Callahan, the Nebraska Cornhuskers will not be playing in a bowl game.  Nebraska fell to the Colorado Buffaloes by the score of 65-51 to end a painful 2007 football season.  The team finished 5-7 which was unheard of before the Bill Callahan tenure.

It was really the tale of two halves for the Huskers today.  They came out and moved the ball well and actually had a 35-24 lead at halftime, but in the second half that is when everything went down hill.  Two interceptions and a blocked punt gave the Buffaloes all the momentum that they needed to get by the Huskers.  Oh yeah, and the defense played continued to play like crap just like all season under Coach Cozgrove.

So now the big question is this.  How long until we get an official word on Bill Callahan?  He will be meeting with Tom Osborne on Saturday to discuss his future.  Everyone expects that Callahan, Cozgrove, and atleast one other assistant coach will be let go.

The name everyone is talking about for next head coach is Bo Pelini.  Credible sources are saying he will be the next coach at the University of Nebraska, but we will have to wait on an official announcement to be 100% certain.

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