NebraskaInterim Athletic Director Tom Osborne, ans how named himself the interm football coach at Nebraska!  But hold on people, don’t get happy lol.  Osborne is only doing this until the new coach is hired, and it allows him to get out on the road and do some recruiting until the new coach is hired.

It will allow him more in-home visits with recruits rather then sitting back in Lincoln and only working the phones etc.

It has been reported that Kevin Cozgrove and Phil Elmassian are not doing any sort of recruiting.  Don’t look for those two to be on the new coaching staff once everything gets setteled.

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5 Responses to “Tom Osborne names himself interim head coach”

  1. Martin Says:

    Heard that the regents voted last night and Grobe is the man at 1.5 million a year for seven years with incentives. You heard it here first

  2. jeff Says:

    My cousin is being recruited by TO and he told him that Bill Cower was the guy

  3. Dwight Says:

    My brother is being recruited by TO, and was told that Bill Bellacheck is the next coach

  4. ted Says:

    My mom is sleeping with tom osborne,, and he told her that Danny Nee is coming back to coach football

  5. Billy Says:

    TO pulled some strings and got Lawrence Phillips out of jail, they should make an announcement tommorrow about him being the head coach

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