I didn’t get to pay attention to the game as close as I would like and haven’t had time to watch the full game replay yet so don’t have a detailed game recap but Nebraska improved to 2-0 on the season with a 42-29 win over Fresno State. It was a very slow / sloppy first half but then the offense turned things up in the second half and Ameer Abdullah ran back a kickoff for a 100 yard touchdown to put the game out of reach for good.

Some things that were disappointing:
The lack of a defensive rush / pressure from the front four
Defense overall playing slow and not getting after the Fresno guys
Defense being on the field so much (Due to quick scores and 3 and outs)
First half for the offense

Some things that looked good:
Ammer Abdullah and Jamal Turner with the ball
Offense coming together in the second half
Taylor Martinez breaking some long runs
Rex Burkhead when he was given the ball to keep the clock ticking late

It doesn’t sound promising that Alfonzo Dennard will be back for the Washington game. once Dennard is back expect the defense to pick things up as a few players will move around and be able to be in better position to make a play. I hope to see more improvement and a complete game from the offense against Washington. If not, things are going to get ugly as BIG 10 plays isn’t too far off.


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