The Nebraska football and baseball teams received a big time verbal commitment over the weekend as highly rated quarterback and baseball player Bubba Starling committed to the university. Bubba will be a senior in Gardner, Kansas this upcoming season and is expected to be a top 5 round draft pick in the 2011 Major League draft. A lot of people think that Bubba will choose the MLB but he reported over the weekend that it would take a lot of money for him to chose baseball over Nebraska.

Starling was thought to be down to Nebraska and Notre Dame and he chose the Huskers over the Irish as Lincoln and the school felt like home. It helped out that his baseball team was playing at Haymarket Park and that will his future home while playing baseball as well. Starling also said that he is 100% done with the recruiting process and that he is not interested in any other schools.

Starling is the second 4-star dual-threat quarterback that has verbally committed to the 2011 signing class. Jamal Turner committed to Nebraska earlier on during the recruiting process. It will be fun to watch Turner and Starling battle it out and it will be interesting to see how the two do compared with other quarterbacks already on the roster. It’s safe to say however that the Huskers are set at the quarterback position for quite a while.

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As has been speculated for the past couple of weeks, Nebraska is headed to the Big10 after agreeing on on the move at a Board of Regents meeting Friday. Harvey Perlman said that Nebraska began to look around after Missouri talked about moving to the Big10 and Colorado started looking into joining the Pac10. He felt with two members possibly moving out of the North Division that a lot of movement could happen and that is when they contacted the Big10.

Texas wanted the Huskers to commit to the Big12 until 2016 but that was not a long term agreement that Perlman wanted to make. Perlman wanted to setup the University of Nebraska for the very long term and he felt that was with Big10 and their tv network. Texas did not want to give up tv rights to the entire conference.

The Big10 Network played a big role in the decision as it helps put Nebraska on more tv sets than they would get by staying in the Big12.

Big10 play will begin in 2011 so schedule makes have to get busy working out the schedule. Will Nebraska be able to keep their non-conference games that they have scheduled? Those questions will be answered soon I am sure.

So what’s everyone’s thoughts on the move? Leave a comment here or follow us at Twitter @nebsports and let me know!

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After all the back and forth rumors about Big10 expansion, it looks like one team is set to make it reality. Our very own Nebraska Cornhuskers could be named the newest member of the Big10 conference on Friday. Nebraska Athletic Director Tom Osborne spoke on the radio Tuesday night and said “I think before too long — I don’t know exactly what that time frame is — we’ll be able to put this to bed,” then he jokingly added, “because I’m getting tired of it.”

Reading that makes it sounds like Nebraska is ready to commit to the Big10 and leave the Big12 to do their own thing.

So when Nebraska officially says yes to the Big10, look for the PAC10 to come in and swoop up the likes of Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Baylor/or Colorado. So where does this leave Kansas, K-State, and Iowa State? They are begging that Nebraska does not leave the conference but instead of begging they should be out there exploring other conferences. Some conference has to want Kansas and K-State you would think? Kansas is a basketball powerhouse who is getting forgotten in all of this conference expansion talk.

So Husker fans, let’s start getting accustomed to early 10 A.M. kickoffs against the likes of Indiana, Purdue, Northwestern etc. The one good thing about all of this is that every Husker game will be on TV due to the much talked about Big10 TV deal with ABC/ESPN. No more paying for ppv games after the 2010 season! This is an exciting time but also a time where we need to look back and think about the ole Big8 and Big12 conferences which made Nebraska what they are today.

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The Nebraska coaching staff received a very surprising call on Tuesday night as Tevin Mitchel called to commit to the program without ever stepping foot on campus. Mitchel said his relationship with Tim beck and Bo Pelini sealed the deal for him and all the information he has found out about UNL and the city of Lincoln has been very positive and he plans on visiting campus over the Summer to see where he will be spending the next four or five years after he graduates in 2011.

Tevin is a Rivals 4 star player and also Top 250 player overall. He plays safety in high school but has been recruited as a cornerback for the Huskers. He picked Nebraska over offers from the likes of Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Arkansas, Boise State, Purdue, Texas A&M, Baylor, Texas Tech and many others.

Welcome to the Big Red Family Tevin!

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For the second time Nebraska wide receiver Niles Paul is in trouble with the Lincoln Police. This time Paul was ticketed for minor consumption and urinating in public early Friday morning near the city’s downtown bar strip. An on-site preliminary breath test indicated that his blood-alcohol level was 0.104.

It was just 13 months ago when Paul first got in trouble with alcohol when he was pulled over and arrested under suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Paul missed the rest of spring practices and also the red/white game due to arrest. It will be interested to see what Coach Pelini does regarding the situation as it is his second alcohol related infraction. If I had to guess it will be dealt with in-house and Niles will be inside Memorial Stadium getting acquainted with the upper rows of the stadium.

You sure do expect more out of Paul as he enters his final season for the Huskers. It’s time start thinking Niles…

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