As has been speculated for the past couple of weeks, Nebraska is headed to the Big10 after agreeing on on the move at a Board of Regents meeting Friday. Harvey Perlman said that Nebraska began to look around after Missouri talked about moving to the Big10 and Colorado started looking into joining the Pac10. He felt with two members possibly moving out of the North Division that a lot of movement could happen and that is when they contacted the Big10.

Texas wanted the Huskers to commit to the Big12 until 2016 but that was not a long term agreement that Perlman wanted to make. Perlman wanted to setup the University of Nebraska for the very long term and he felt that was with Big10 and their tv network. Texas did not want to give up tv rights to the entire conference.

The Big10 Network played a big role in the decision as it helps put Nebraska on more tv sets than they would get by staying in the Big12.

Big10 play will begin in 2011 so schedule makes have to get busy working out the schedule. Will Nebraska be able to keep their non-conference games that they have scheduled? Those questions will be answered soon I am sure.

So what’s everyone’s thoughts on the move? Leave a comment here or follow us at Twitter @nebsports and let me know!

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22 Responses to “Nebraska heading to the Big10”

  1. Ken Russell Says:

    My sense is that there is euphoria in Cornhusker Land over UNL joining the Big 10. Let me rain on your parade a bit.

    First, for sake of openness, I am not a die-hard Cornhusker fan. I am an Iowa Stater. But I am certainly no Cornhusker hater. Though I am reluctant to admit this to some of my more fanatical Cornhusker friends, when UNL plays OU or UT in football, I cheer for the Big Red. I cheer for them in bowl games. Coach Yori and my eldest daughter graduated from the same Iowa high school, so I am a strong fan of UNL’s women’s BB team — except when they play Ia.State. And my opinion is not simply bitterness over Ia. State seemingly being left out in the cold. Ia. State is a large university with a loyal fan base – it will find a home.

    Secondly, I understand UNL’s disgust with “Texas” political dominance of the Big 12. Many Ia. Staters feel the same way. And, in the short-term at least, being in the Big 10 will increase athletic revenue and perhaps even research $ for UNL. Because of this maybe Chancellor Perlman even had an obligation to pursue Big 10 membership. I don’t argue against the power of money. But, I believe there are other considerations and chief among these are feelings of respect and a sense of belonging.

    I believe I know the Big 10 culture, particularly the fan base and the media. I have lived and worked most of my life in Big 10 country. The last 10 years I have lived in Nebraska. Culturally and geographically, the Big 10 is a bad fit for UNL. Nebraska is cattle country, dryland and irrigated agriculture, and potentially a goldmine for windpower. No other Big 10 state fits this mold. Big 10 fans and media will treat you as country hicks. They only want you for your large fan base. They will laugh at your corn heads. Many will sneer at your very small law school and your med school (oops — you don’t have one). Your FB team may continuously cream most of the Big 10 competition. It won’t matter. They will never look upon you as their equal — culturally or even intellectually. You may say that you are strong and that words won’t hurt you. Give it 15 years. Most of us aren’t quite as immune to criticism and disrespect as we like to believe. Eventually, the words will begin to bite. The sense of not belonging to the “club” will hurt.

    You may argue that KU or OU fans or even Ia. Staters never showed you much love. But underneath the trash talking, I believe there was a sense of community. We all shared something. Now you have thrown that away.

    UNL is a “Great Plains” university. I believe there is a Great Plains culture, and it is a good, wholesome one. I wish you well, Cornhusker fans, in your new Big 10 home. However, I predict that in about 15 years, many of you will be yearning to come home. Unfortunately, in terms of a conference, there may not be a “home” to come home to.

  2. Bob Bugher Says:

    As a Purdue graduate and season football ticket holder I say, welcome to the Big Ten! We are very excited Nebraska is the newest member of our conference. The quality of your school and the great reputation of your sporting programs will only enhance the already great Big Ten. My wife and I have been to all of the (current) Big Ten football stadiums, and we look forward to visiting our new friends in Lincoln. Best of luck in all of your endeavors.

  3. Cliff Says:

    @Ken Some of that talk has already been happening on message boards but that won’t get the university down. Sure some fans will take it to heart just like any other fan would but there are a lot more positives in this move than negatives so I like it.

    @Bob You will enjoy your time in Lincoln and hope we all have a good time when we make the trip to West Lafayette!

  4. Danny Says:

    I am an Ohio State graduate and rabid Buckeye football fan and I am delighted that Nebraska is coming to the Big Ten Conference. I believe that the addition of the Huskers to our conference will make the Big Ten stronger, from both an athletic and academic perspective.

    I have always maintained that there is nothing in the Big Ten like Saturday afternoon in Columbus. From my observations of the Huskers fans in the past, I now fear that Saturday afternoon in Lincoln will give us a run for our money.

    Again, welcome to the Big Ten I look forward to seeing our new colleagues in Columbus very soon!

  5. Chad Says:

    As a central Ohioan and OSU alum, I would like to welcome the huskers to the Big Ten. As to Ken’s comments, I would suggest that no conference is devoid of the good natured ribbing between schools, but to say that none of the schools or geographic locations in the Big Ten are similar to Lincoln, is, I believe, misinformed. OSU for example, is located in the largest city of any of the Big Ten schools and they don’t call columbus cowtown for nothing. Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, and Pennsylvania are all agricultural areas of the county which I think will accept Nebraska…will there be some joking about the corn cob hats…sure…just like we “joke” about all things Michigan. But that’s the beauty of College athletics.

    I think that Nebraska fans will be pleased with the response from their new Big Ten brethren. It’ll take a few years to feel at home, but now, after 15 years or so, I can’t imagine a Big Ten without Penn State…I’m sure the same will hold for Nebraska.

    Welcome! My biggest concern now is that we won’t be able to get Bo Pelini as Tressel’s successor!

  6. Al Says:

    Many of the things that Nebraska takes for granted will now be in different hands. It was that way when the Texas teams came calling. It will be that way when the Big 10 came calling. Nebraskans tend to be kind of self reliant and independent. That being the case, I believe Nebraskans have been sold a bill of goods they have no preception of. The Nebraska Public Television network has been broadcasting volleyball and baseball games with regularity this year. My assumption is, these broadcasts will become the property of Big 10 TV. And viewers will have to be purchase pay per view to watch. There is talk of the championship football game being held in Indianaopolis. Just a little bit farther than Kansas City but same distance to Arlington, TX. All the Nebraska TV stations are putting on happy faces. Because when Tom Osborne speaks everybody is happy. We will see in 5 years how happy their faces are.

  7. Rob Says:


  8. Steve Says:

    The only bad thing I see about UN in the Big Ten is that my favorite team (Ohio State) will soon have to play my second favorite team (Nebraska). Well, maybe there is a second negative-the chances of Bo Pellini returning to his alma-mater just took a nose-dive.

    Welcome to the Big 10, or whatever it may be called in the future. I welcome your passion and committment to academic and athletic excellence.

  9. buckeyedude Says:

    Another Buckeye fan here, excited about adding Nebraska to the BigTen! HOME RUN for both!

    I also look forward Nebraska going into Ann Arbor and kicking the crap out of the Crapperines, as Rob said!

    Adding Nebraska to the BigTen means the conference has three of the top winninest all-time CFB programs.

    #1. Michigan(for now)

    #4. Nebraska

    #5. Ohio State.

    And Penn State is in the top ten at #9.

    No other league can match that, not even the over-glorified SEC.

  10. buckeyedude Says:

    Hell, I may even get me one of those Nebraska T-shirts and wear it when they play Michigan! ;)

  11. Ron Says:

    Buckeye born and bred (but living in LA :( ). Welcome to the Big Ten (11,12,…?)! Nebraska is an EXCELLENT addition to the club. I’m thrilled that Nebraska chose the Big Ten. Home Run, indeed! I want one of those corn hats.

  12. Jason Says:


    It’s a shame you had the opening comment on this article as you seem to have had your head buried under dirt for your existence in Big Ten country. Most of the points you bring up are in actuality the other way around.

    The culture and history match well. While every conference, team & grouping always has *those* fans, you only need look at the rest of the comments to see how wrong you are. I believe virtually every message board you can come across, is filled with 80/20 ratios of kind welcome and enthusiasm.

    Revenue is certainly a large part in this, and that is going to be a large increase NOT somewhat as you indicate. Added to that, as is out plainly for all to see: Nebraska is now a member of an equality based conference.

    I’m not sure where the comment comes from on agriculture. While I’m sure you may be right on Nebraska being larger in that field, have you ever been to these places. For yourself and others believing we aren’t a good fit on agriculture alone, I invite you to read:

    I look forward to my first trip to Lincoln on a game day soon!

  13. PittsburghHawkeye Says:

    Welcome Huskers!!! In response to the ISU post above, I can assure you he is wrong. Big Ten fans are jubilant to have Nebraska in our conference. As for the Corn Heads, I might kindly remind my former fellow Iowan that they also grow a lot of corn in Big Ten country. Live in PA and none of the nits make fun of Iowa. Trust me, Nebraska is a perfect fit and we love that you are part of “us” now!!!

    Thinking about expansion… obviously Delaney needs to add schools in even numbers so there are 2 equal-sized divisions. Could he just be waiting for Texas to bolt, then add Missouri and Kansas? Nobody, (especially someone from another conference) wants to be the one that pulls the trigger to kill the B12. Delaney isn’t really in a position to be able to say he is still shopping in the B12 yet.

    It would add substantially to the Big Ten culture if we also had MO and KS. And in simple money terms, St. Louis and Kansas City would be good for television revenue.

  14. KeepTradition Says:

    Maybe there won’t be as many broken traditions as we think right now.

    Don’t think that Delaney wants to be known as the guy that killed the Big 12. Hopefully he is just waiting for the South to crumble then renew interest in MO and another school. It would seem to be a logical fit. (Added bonus: St. Louis and Kansas City TV market.)

    In this scenario, the Nebraska-Missouri rivalry stays. Nebraska-Kansas could be a non-conference annual rivalry like Iowa-Iowa State.

    Since a lot of college football is about tradition, I am reminded that the Big Ten used to be called the Western Conference. PSU might need to get used to it, but everybody should be OK with that name, right?

    Glad the Huskers made the move, though. Clearly it was needed!

  15. Cliff Says:

    Hey Big10 fans, what are the blogs / sites to follow for the conference? Any twitter acccounts you would recommend following for each team?

  16. Tim Says:

    My message is simple and shared by thousands of fans in the Big 12….leave ASAP please!

  17. mike Says:

    Good ridance.The NU BB program has been an embarassment for too long and CU is pathetic. Big 12 BB just improved tremendously.
    I hope the original big 6.7 ,8 schools refuse to play NU in the future.
    Send your 10mm check ASAP.

  18. Cliff Says:

    This move was for football reasons not basketball Mike. As for the check, so Texas, OU and A&M can split it after leaving out all the other teams.

    I wish A&M would have went to the SEC and the Big12 went bye bye.

  19. mike Says:

    Of course it was about football- what else does NU have?

  20. MichiganMan Says:

    I’m a Michigan football fan and like a few other big ten football fans before me, I just wanted to say welcome to the Big Ten. I’m sorry to hear Ken’s feelings at the top of the post. There’s always going to be some vitriol with college sports. Most of the time it’s all in good fun, so I hope you don’t let it get under your skin. Anyways, I look forward to some more quality competition and epic games to come with Nebraska as a new member. Go Blue!

  21. data recovery Says:

    I think that Nebraska fans will be pleased with the response from their new Big Ten brethren. I welcome your passion and commitment to academic and athletic excellence.

  22. Lee Says:

    Mike-it sounds like there’s some jealousy there. Who do you root for, Texas or Missouri.

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