NebraskaThe Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Oklahoma Sooners will be meeting Saturday night down in Norman, Oklahoma and we should be in for a pretty good game. The two teams last played each other in the 2006 Big 12 Championship which had the Sooners coming out on top. It will be the first regular season game between the two teams since 2005.

It will be an uphill battle for the Huskers as the Sooners come into the game rated #4 in the country with a 7-1 victory. The Sooners only loss of the season came against #1 Texas down at the Cotton Bowl. However, if the Huskers can chew up the clock and move the ball they will be in the game right down to the end.

Joe Ganz and the offensive linemen are going to have to make very quick decisions as the front four of the Sooner defense is one of the best in the country. They are very quick off the ball and don’t miss very many tackles. Ganz is going to have to check down when needed and make good throws. That includes getting rid of the ball and throwing it out of bounds rather then taking a sack and loosing 7-10 yards.

The Husker defense will have their hands full as well as Sooner quarterback Sam Bradford has been on fire all season. Bradford and the Sooners are third in the country in total yards per game with 549 yards. Bradford has already thrown for 29 touchdowns and 2775 yards while only being picked off five times.

If the front four can’t get pressure on Bradford, look for him to put up huge numbers against the Nebraska defense. I just don’t think they defensive backs can keep up with the Sooner wide receivers. Factor in the game being played in Norman, and things don’t really look good for the Huskers.

I’ll come out predict that the final score will be: Nebraska 21 Oklahoma 45

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Nebraska vs BaylorFirst off I’d like to apologize for not having the update done over the weekend. I had quite a bit of family and friends staying at our house all weekend and I wasn’t able to sit down and watch the game like I usually do. So this update won’t be in as much detail but that’s alright for this update.

Well the first half was pretty ugly for the Huskers as they could not stop Robert Griffin. Griffin the speedy Baylor quarterback ran for 121 yards on 16 carries and scored on a 47 yard touchdown in the second quarter. The play was on a 3rd and 1 but Griffin broke to the outside rather then sneaking up the middle where the Huskers jammed the line of scrimmage. No one was outside and Griffin was off to the endzone.

In the second half however the Huskers defense stiffened up and kept the Bears out of the endzone while the offense came from behind. Ryan Hill caught his first touchdown as a Husker in the first quarter that put the Huskers up 6-0.  Marlon Lucky would also add a touchdown reception while Alex Henery added a 27 yard field goal in the first half.

Trailing 20-17 at halftime, the Huskers got on the scoreboard on a nine yard touchdown reception by Nate Swift. Swift would also add a 53 yard touchdown in the fourth quarter. Swift was the big man of the game as he caught 11 balls for 121 yards and two touchdowns while breaking Johnny Rodgers receptions in a career record.

Quarterback Joe Ganz was pretty good he completed 32 of 46 passes and threw for 336 yards and three touchdowns. There was times once again where he needed to get rid of the ball after pump faking a couple of times and then was sacked but overall he had a pretty good game.

Not the Huskers will head down to Norman, Oklahoma this Saturday to take on the Sooners. The game will be on at primetime and be televised on ESPN. It will be interesting to see how well the Huskers play down in Normal. I think the Sooners are just to tough and playing at home in primetime will be another factor against the Huskers in the game.

The team more then likely will be without linebacker Phillip Dillard and wide receivers Menelik Holt who were both injured during the Baylor game. Coach Pelini said that they would both be questionable at best for the game this weekend.

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Nebraska vs BaylorGot a quick little update for everyone as we 18 or so hour away until the Nebraska / Baylor kickoff. Yesterday at practice, former Husker player Brandon Rigoni and Nebraska wrestling coach Mark Manning faced off one on one. The friendly little bet was that Rigoni could get by Manny five times and reach the endzone. It’s a pretty cool video so check out it out!

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Nebraska vs BaylorIt’s almost time for another Nebraska Football game and this week we have the Baylor Bears coming into Lincoln to take on the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Baylor comes into the game with a 3-4 overall record and a 1-2 record in the Big 12 conference. The only team that both teams have played is Iowa State and the Bears defeated the Cyclones 38-10.

The one player on the Baylor roster that really stands out is freshman quarterback Robert Griffin. Griffin has passed for 1271 yards and nine touchdowns on the year so far. He can hurt you with his legs and his arm. Griffin is one of the fastest players the Huskers defense will play against so they need to *spy* or *lock* in home him on every play with at least one player in my opinion.

The Bears defense will give up the big plays through the air so I expect Joe Ganz to have a monster game passing the ball. I wouldn’t be suprised if we see him throw it 30 times especially if it works early in the game. Marlon Lucky, Quentin Castille, and Roy Helu Jr. will still get their touches but I expect Ganz to be the big guy for the Huskers.

Coach Pelini said that the team had another great of practice and that makes three straight weeks he has made that comment. The Huskers have played good in the last two games so I don’t expect anything to change on Saturday. Baylor has not won in Lincoln since the 1956 season and the overall series is 9-1 infavor of the Huskers.

My prediction is Nebraska 35 Baylor 21

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Nebraska TicketsI wanted to let everyone know that the Nebraska Ticket office has some tickets available for the November 1st game against Oklahoma available. If you were planning on road tripping down to the game and don’t have tickets, call up the ticket office at 800-8 BIG RED. Tickets will be located in the Nebraska section so you should be seated around Huskers fans.

I’d act fast on these ticket as there aren’t too many of them available. Tickets are $87 each but that is still cheaper then buying on the secondary market at this time.

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Nebraska FootballIt was a pretty good road win for the Nebraska Cornhuskers on Saturday afternoon as they beat the Iowa State Cyclones 35-7. The Huskers jumped out to a 21-0 lead as the headed to halftime and then after giving up a long run for a td, the Huskers scored the final 14 points of the game to come away with the 28 point victory.

As I was sitting here with a friend watching the first half we were both talking about how nice it would be to just have an old fashioned blow out win. Well things didn’t go exactly like that as the team struggled in the third quarter but overall we both came away happy with how the team played.

Senior Joe Ganz passed for 328 yards on 27 of 37 pass attempts. Ganz hit Nate Swift for his only touchdown in the first quarter on a great 19 yard hookup. Swift broke two tackles and then made his way to the endzone to put the Huskers up 7-0. Swift was the leading receiver for the Huskers as he hauled in eight balls for 112 yards.

Next up it was two rushing touchdowns for Marlon Lucky in the second quarter. Lucky scored on running plays of 15 and four yards. The 15 yard touchdown was on a option play while the four yard td was on a direct snap.

The two fourth quarter td’s for the Huskers came on a one yard touchdown run by Ganz and then Quentin Castille found paydirt on a 19 yard run to finish the scoring out. The offense had a good day moving the ball as the racked up 548 yards, however they did have multiple fumbles and lost three tournovers.

The defense almost threw a shutout but they let up a long 67 yard touchdown early in the third quarter. Two missed tackles allowed Alexander Robinson to score the long td for the Cyclones and draw them within 14 points. That would be as close as they would get as the Huskers defense stiffened up and kept the Cyclones from scoring again.

The Huskers defense held the Cyclones to a season low 218 yards and held them to only 2 of 13 on third down conversions. Clearly the Cyclones offense isn’t the same as the Huskers have seen with teams like Missouri and Texas so this was pretty much expected. Not holding them to only 7 points, but pretty much doing exactly what they needed to do in the game.

As a team, they still need to work on protecting the ball and tackling but today was a great improvement. As a team, the Huskers had four penalties but if I remember right, only two of those were on the offensive line. That is what we want to see as a team, keep on improving each week.

Up next for the Huskers will the Baylor Tigers on Saturday in Lincoln. Gametime will be 11:30 and the game will be broadcast on Versus once again. Baylor will bring more of an offense then the Cyclones did so I’m interested to see how the defense will stack up against the Bears.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Go celebrate the Huskers victory!

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Nebraska FootballIn less then 24 hours Nebraska will face off against Iowa State in Ames. It will be interesting to see if the Huskers build off their loss down in Lubbock last Saturday or if they will play sluggish. As a team they will be trying to break a three game losing streak and pick up their fourth victory of the season.

For a victory the Huskers are going to have to be able to run the ball. I think it is that simple against the Cyclones. The offensive line needs to cut down on the penalties and open up holes for the running backs. I expect Marlon Lucky and Roy Helu Jr. to both be around 60-75 yards rushing each with Quentin Castille adding another 30-40 yards. It all comes down to how well the line is blocking and if they stop with all the holding penalties.

Reports are saying that Cyclones will try to slow down the Huskers similar to what the Huskers did to Texas Tech last week. I don’t see that working because the Husker defense will step up and make some plays. Iowa State cannot pass the ball like Tech did last week, and they can’t even run the ball as good. The Huskers will shut down the run and force Iowa State to pass which will cause turnovers in my opinion.

The Huskers should have Phillip Dillard and Cody Glenn both back at linebacker but expect to see Matt Holt and Blake Lawrence in there as well.

My prediction: Huskers 35 Iowa State 21

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