NebraskaThe word out of Husker practices this week is that the team is getting back to the basics just as if they were opening up practice for the beginning of the season. That means proper tackling and blocking. Coach Cotton said “We’ve had probably the best three-day period of practice we’ve had all year,” after Wednesday’s practice.

That sounds good and all but I don’t think it will make one bit of difference against Texas Tech this Saturday. No matter how many points the offense scores, I don’t think the defense has enough speed to keep up with speedy wideout Michael Crabtree and the Red Raider defense.

Hopefully Cody Glenn will be able to play on Saturday as he would help out a little bit but not enough for the Huskers to pull off the upset. Expect a lot of nickle and dime coverages out of the Nebraska defense and not as many blitzing linebackers.

For the Huskers to pull off the upset or keep this game close they need to go into the game with a attitude of them against the world. Similar to the game at Texas last year. All or nothing and go balls to the wall.

Anyone want to take a shot at predicting the score of the game on Saturday? Leave us a comment and let us know your prediction.

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NebraskaGood news for those Husker fans that have Versus on their cable or satellite systems. The October 18th game against Iowa State has been selected to be shown on Versus at 11:30 CT. Many people figured that this game would not be on tv at all due to the fact that the Huskers have lost two games in a row and the Cyclones haven’t been playing that well either.

In Omaha and Lincoln, Versus is available on the digital tiers of Cox and Time Warner, respectively. Versus can be found on Channel 231 on Cox Communications in Omaha and Channel 229 on Time Warner Cable in Lincoln. The network is also available on Direct TV (Channel 603) and DISH (Channel 151).

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NebraskaThe game plan that the Husker coaching staff drew up to stop Chase Daniel and the Missouri Tigers sure didn’t work as Missouri clobbered the Huskers on Saturday night by the score of 52-17. Missou jumped out to a huge lead in the first quarter and never looked back as they won in Lincoln for the first time in 30 years.

The defensive scheme that the staff drew up didn’t work out because they were unable to get pressure on Daniel and it also hoped up huge running lanes which the Tigers took advantage of. With three linemen, and then a roaming defensive end, the Tigers use the huge running gaps to run for 201 yards and passed for another 261 yards. It seemed like we had no linebackers out there and with the secondary getting blown up on most passing plays it was a very long night. There just wasn’t enough speed on the defense for the Huskers to keep up with the Tigers and it clearly showed.

The Huskers offense started off good with Joe Ganz hitting Nate Swift in the endzone for a 20 yard touchdown. But the Huskers would only score 3 points in the second quarter and then did not score again until at the end of the game on a 20 yard touchdown pass to Menelik Holt.

The offensive line played terrible once again. They could not give Ganz enough time to make all of his reads, and they also did not open up any running lanes for the backs. Marlon Lucky led the rushers with 46 yards on 14 carries. Quentin Castille had 12 carries for 26 yards. Roy Helu Jr. finished up the rushing attack with 11 yards on five carries. The backs were getting hit just after they got the ball and they pretty much had no chance to break away and make a big play.

Coach Pelini had this to say after the game:

“I’m not used to losing,” NU head coach Bo Pelini said. I’m not used to getting beat soundly. Once again, that’s my fault. Yes, damn right, yes, I am embarrassed. I apologize to the team, I apologize to the state of Nebraska, I apologize to everybody associated with the University of Nebraska football (team) and it’s my responsibility. I was hired to do a job and I didn’t do that job tonight.”

It’s going to take time that is for sure. Husker nation needs to stay behind this team and coaching staff. Don’t look for thigns to turn around quickly because they have to play another spread offense as they play the pass happy Texas Tech Red Raiders this coming Saturday. Hopefully we can see some improvement as the Huskers play their first road game of the season.

Stay positive Husker fans.

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