Could Memorial Stadium be getting bigger? That is what the University of Nebraska is trying to find as they are asking for Husker season ticket holders and fans to fill out a short survey asking them about possibly expanding on the East side of the stadium.

“We are actively seeking input from our season ticket holders and fans on a potential upgrade and expansion of what we firmly believe is already one of the best college football venues in America,” said Paul Meyers, Nebraska’s Associate Athletic Director for Development.

“We are considering adding suites and/or club seating, and/or additional seats to the East Stadium,” Meyers said. “For us to make educated decisions, it’s vital that we first evaluate the interest level.”

I wouldn’t mind seeing some sort of expansion over on the east side as long as they can do some work on the concourses and make it so all the seats are not expensive club level or suites only. Let’s let some average fans be able to sit in those seats without paying a $1000+ seat donation with their season tickets. While it would look cool to mirror the West stadium side with press boxes and suites I don’t think that would a good expansion.

Before going through a huge expansion, lets get that sound fixed in the stadium so people like myself who sit in the South end zone can actually hear!

Memorial Stadium just might get to 90-100k people which would look very nicely in the Big10 to go along with Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State who all have huge stadiums. Do you think this will affect the sell out streak? I don’t because Nebraska fans will keep that record going for a very long time. About the only thing I see happening is resellers not getting as much money for their tickets as there will be more tickets available.

Your thoughts on the stadium expansion? Let me know by leaving a comment or writing the blog over on Twitter @nebsports

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News out of Chicago this afternoon during the Big10 meetings is that Jim Delany (commissioner of the Big10) announced that their would not be a vote during the June6th meetings on inviting teams into the conference. He said that it would indeed be talked about but that they are still months off from actually inviting any universities. Delany says he hopes the expansion study doesn’t take longer than 18 months. Said it could wrap up in 11 months, but not any time soon.

So there ya go Husker fans. Nebraska will just have to play the waiting game until the Big10 does send over and invite. Looks like we will be talking about this for at least another year rather than getting it cleared up this summer.

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ABC announced Tuesday that the Nebraska vs Washington game on Sep 18th will be played at 2:30 CDT time in Seattle and will be played at Husky Stadium. Husky Stadium does get very loud with the way the seating is constructed so getting an afternoon game is huge for the Huskers who lats played in Seattle in 1998. In that game the Huskers rolled to a 55-7 victory and they will be hoping for the same come Sep 18th.

My wife and I had originally planned on attending the game and spending five days out in Seattle. However our first child is due a month before the game so we will not be making the trip out to the Northwest. If you plan on attending the game, try to get your tickets early as possible as it is a big match up and the U-Dub fans are pretty jacked to have the Huskers coming to town.

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What’s going on Husker fans? It’s the dreaded off-season where we have three months before Husker football really starts kicking into shape again. There hasn’t been too much to blog about at this time as I haven’t felt the need to get into the whole Nebraska to the Big10 rumor mill talk. It could happen, but we won’t know anything until the Big10 has their upcoming meetings. Once we get closer to the meetings, expect some chatter about the possible move here on Nebsports.

Some preseason polls are starting to come out and most will have the Husker ranked around the 10th spot on average it appears. Sports Illustrated as Nebraska rated #13 while ESPN’s Mark Schlabach has the Huskers placed in the #7 spot.  Personally I think the Huskers should be right around the #10 spot as they do have questions on the offensive side of the ball. No matter what though, it sure is going to be an exciting season for Husker fans.

Mark Schlabach’s full top 25 poll:

1. Alabama Crimson Tide
2. Ohio State Buckeyes
3. Boise State Broncos
4. Texas Longhorns
5. Virginia Tech Hokies
6. TCU Horned Frogs
7. Florida Gators
8. Iowa Hawkeyes
9. Nebraska Cornhuskers
10. Oregon Ducks
11. Wisconsin Badgers
12. Oklahoma Sooners
13. Miami Hurricanes
14. LSU Tigers
15. USC Trojans
16. Pittsburgh Panthers
17. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
18. Arkansas Razorbacks
19. Penn State Nittany Lions
20. Oregon State Beavers
21. Florida State Seminoles
22. Cincinnati Bearcats
23. Georgia Bulldogs
24. Stanford Cardinal
25. North Carolina Tar Heels

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