NebraskaThe 2007 season is almost here and we can hardly wait the last 48 hours to see the Nebraska Cornhuskers take the field against the Nevada Wolfpack.  Husker fans have been waiting a long time for the season to start and well here it is!  Get your tailgating stuff ready, make sure your beer is cold, and lets start off the season with a win over Nevada!

First off I’ll start out with what I expect out of the Nebraka offense against the WolfPack.  I look for Marlon Lucky and Quentin Castille to get around 35 carries together.  I’d also expect Roy Helu and possibly Cody Glenn to get 5 or so handoffs in the game.  Coach Callahan hasn’t said if Glenn will play or not so between Helu and Gleen I’d expect 5 carries.

Sam Keller will have plenty of time in this game to get his feet wet with the Husker offense during a real game.  Look for him to to throw for 2-3 touchdowns atleast.  I see a big day for Keller and and the receivers on Saturday.  With Maurice Purify sitting out the first game of his suspension, Terrance Nunn, Nate Swift, Todd Peterson, and Frantz Hardy should all catch a few balls each I would imagine.  Who will score the td’s?  I’ll go ahead and predict that Nunn, Swift, and Lucky will each have a receiving touchdown in the game.

On the defensive side of the ball for the Huskers, lets pay close attention on how the new d-line plays together.  Nevada will be down to their third string center for this game so I expect Ndamukong Suh to have a huge game up the middle.  Look for him to blow through the line ateast a few times and either sack the QB or stop the running back behind the line of scrimmage.  I also think that Barry Turner and Zach Potter will combine for atleast two sacks in the game.

The linebackers are the strength of the “Blackshirt” defense this year.  Corey McKeon, Steve Octavian, Bo Rudd, Phillip Dilliard, and Lance Brandenburgh will have huge days for the Huskers.  Expect them to be very good at gang tackling and possibly causing a few tournovers.

I’m really excited to watch the defensive backs in this game as well.  Since Nevada runs the pistol offense and is always in a shotgun, expect them to really mix up the run and pass quite a bit.  I’d expect some safty blitzes in this game with Larry Asante who is really licking his chops to get to the quarterback in his first Husker game.  Cortney Grixby and Armando Murillo will start at the cornerback positions while Tierre Green and Asante will be the safties.  Expect too see a lot of Andre Jones as well as Nevada loves to run atleast 3-wide most of the game.

Special teams will be a big deal for the Huskers this season.  They haven’t had a punt returner that really put a scare into opposing teams since Groce graduated.  Grixby, Nunn, Jones, and Swift will be called upon to help out on punt and kick returns.

Freshman Alex Henery and Ali Kunalic are still battling it out for the kicking job.  No one will probably know who the starter will be until gametime.  Dan Titchener will be back to handle the punting job for the Huskers.

I’ll go ahead and throw this score out there just as a guess.  Nebraska 45 Nevada 17

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NebraskaGoing around today is a copy of what could be the Nebraska Football’s new tunnel walk song.  I really like it to be honest and fell that the team and recruits will love it.  The older generation fans probably won’t but you gotta impress the recruits and get the stadium jacked up and this will definately do that!

Can we please get a new sound system in the stadium?  That is my only concern after hearing the song.  I’d love for it to be upgraded where you can listen to it clearly no matter what section are sitting in at Memorial Stadium.  Let us know what you think my leaving a comment!

Click to check out the myspace page with the song

Here is a YouTube video of the old tunnel walk but with the song

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NebraskaThe Nebraska Mens Basketball team released their schedule today and over all its not too bad.  I know some people are complaining about the non-conference schedule, but when you play in the Big12, you have got to get some non-conference wins early in the season.  Playing Rutgers, Creighton, Arizona State, and Oregon, is a pretty good non-conference schedule I think.

Eighteen out of 29 games for the Huskers will be played at the Devaney Center.  Exactly the way Coach Sadler wanted it with all the young players he has on the team this year.  You can’t go on the road with a young team and expect them to win many games.

• Nov.: 2, Nebraska Wesleyan (exh.) 7 p.m.; 6, Wayne State (exh.), 7 p.m.; 10, Presbyterian College, 7 p.m.; 17, Alabama A&M, TBA; 20, Norfolk State, 7 p.m.; 24, at Creighton, 1 p.m.; 26, IP-Fort Wayne, 7 p.m.
• Dec.: 2, Arizona State, 2 p.m.; 5, at Western Kentucky, TBA; 9, Rutgers, 2 p.m.; 11, Savannah State, 7 p.m.; 15, Oregon in Omaha, 1 p.m.; 22, North Carolina Central, 7 p.m.; 29, Alcorn State, 7 p.m.
• Jan.: 4, Maryland-Eastern Shore, 7 p.m.; 12, Kansas, 8 p.m.; 15, at Colorado, 8 p.m.; 19, Baylor, 5 p.m.; 26, at Kansas, 12:30 p.m.; 30, at Missouri, 7 p.m.
• Feb.: 2, Iowa State, 3 p.m.; 6, at Kansas State, 7 p.m.; 9, Texas Tech, 3 p.m.; 13, Missouri, 7 p.m.; 16, at Iowa State, 3 p.m.; 20, Kansas State, 8 p.m.; 23, at Texas A&M, 3 p.m.; 27, Oklahoma, 7 p.m.
• March: 1, at Oklahoma State, 12:30 p.m.; 4, at Texas, 7 p.m.; 9, Colorado, 2 p.m.; 13-16, at Big 12 tournament, Kansas City.

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NebraskaThe depth chart for the first Nebraska Football game against Nevada was released today by Coach Callahan.  There were a few suprises for sure I thought.  The first one that stood out to me was Armando Murillo starting over Andrew Jones at the corner position.  I understand that Jones will get plenty of playing time as Nevada usually plays atleast a three wide receiver set, but still seems weird.  Maybe it is to light a fire under Jones possibly?

Another suprise was see Cody Glenn not on the depth chart at all.  Coach Callahan commented today that was because Glenn has not practiced much lately but should be back out there today.  I wonder if Glenn will see playing time at all against Nevada?  Rest him until he is 100% is what I think.

When you overlook the entire depth chart you have got to love all the depth that the Husker look to have this year.  Almost every position is a very strong 2-deep.  We all know that there will be some injuries throughout the year so it is good when you have this kind of depth.  It will also help as the coaches will be able to rotate players in a lot more often this year.

Offensive Depth Chart: Defensive Depth Chart:
Quarterback: Defensive End:
Sam Keller Barry Turner
Joe Ganz Clayton Sievers
Patrick Witt Tony Sullivan
Running Back: Defensive End:
Marlon Lucky
Zach Potter
Quentin Castille Pierre Allen
Roy Helu  
Major Culbert Nose Tackle:
  Ndamukong Suh
Full Back: Shukree Barfield
Andy Sands Brandon Johnson
Thomas Lawson  
Wide Receiver: Ty Steinkuhler
Nate Swift Kevin Dixon
Todd Peterson Ben Martin
Menelik Holt  
Wide Receiver: Bo Rudd
Terrence Nunn Lance Brandenburgh
Frantz Hardy Blake Lawrence
Dan Erickson Tyler Wortman
Niles Paul  
Tight End: Steve Octavian
J.B. Phillips Lance Brandenburgh
Josh Mueller Thomas Grove
Dreu Young  
Sean Hill Linebacker:
  Corey McKeon
Tackle: Phillip Dilliard
Carl Nicks  
Mike Smith Cornerback:
  Armando Murillo
Tackle: Andre Jones
Lydon Murtha  
D.J. Jones Cornerback:
  Cortney Grixby
Guard: Zack Bowman
Andy Christensen Anthony West
Jordan Picou  
Guard: Larry Asante
Mike Huff Bryan Wilson
Matt Slauson Matt O’Hanlon
Keith Williams  
Center: Tierre Green
Brett Byford Ricky Thenarse
Jacob Hickman Ben Eisenhart

What do you all think about the depth chart?  Leave us some comments and let us know your thoughts!

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NebraskaThe Nebraska Football team got a very good committment today from Cameron Merideth.  Merideth plays at Mater Dei High School in the Los Angeles area and is rated a three start player by Rivals.Com

Merideth will play the defensive end position and will be a stud once he gets into Dave Kennedy’s program and adds on some weight and more strength.  Coaches in California say it is the “motor” that Merideth has that really makes him a special player.  He will never take a play off and goes balls to the wall every play of the game.

Meredith passed up a bundle of written offers from around the country. Besides the offer from Nebraska, he had them from from Oklahoma, Oregon, Oregon State, Boise State, Colorado, Arizona, Arizona State, Washington, Washington State, and San Diego State.

Welcome to the Big Red Family Cameron!

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NebraskaFifteen defensive players for the Nebraska Football team have been awarded their blackshirts.  Six of the fifteen players are earning their blackshirt for the first time.  They are cornerback Armando Murillo, safety Larry Asante, defensive tackles Ty Steinkuhler and Ndamukong Suh, defensive end Zach Potter, and linebacker Phillip Dillard.

Other players receiving their blackshirts that have been awarded them in the past were, defensive end Barry Turner, linebackers Lance Brandenburgh, Corey McKeon, Steve Octavien and Bo Ruud and defensive backs Zack Bowman, Tierre Green, Cortney Grixby and Andre Jones.

Congrats guys, now make sure you don’t lose them and you play some hard nosed defense!

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NebraskaAnother great showing by the defending National Champions as they beat up on the UCLA Bruins last night in the AVCA Final at the Qwest Center in Omaha.  With the 3-1 win over the Bruins, the Lady Huskers have now improved to 8-0 lifetime at the Qwest Center.

In a match that had the intensity normally reserved for the winter months, Tracy Stalls and Kori Cooper combined for 26 kills on only 44 swings. Stalls hit a blistering .640, putting down 16 kills without an error in 25 attacks. Cooper was also error-free, totaling 10 kills in 19 attacks for a .526 percentage.

The play of the middles helped Nebraska (2-0) hit .314 for the match, including a .450 mark in game three. UCLA (1-1) hit .209 and was held to an .093 mark in the third game. Sarah Pavan, the reigning AVCA National Player of the Year, recorded a match-high 25 kills to lead five Huskers in double-figures in kills.

Nebraska makes its 2007 regular-season debut at the NU Coliseum next Friday at 7 p.m. against Creighton at the Holiday Inn Downtown Classic.

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