NebraskaGoing around today is a copy of what could be the Nebraska Football’s new tunnel walk song.  I really like it to be honest and fell that the team and recruits will love it.  The older generation fans probably won’t but you gotta impress the recruits and get the stadium jacked up and this will definately do that!

Can we please get a new sound system in the stadium?  That is my only concern after hearing the song.  I’d love for it to be upgraded where you can listen to it clearly no matter what section are sitting in at Memorial Stadium.  Let us know what you think my leaving a comment!

Click to check out the myspace page with the song

Here is a YouTube video of the old tunnel walk but with the song

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17 Responses to “Huskers New Tunnel Walk Song?”

  1. bill Says:

    It ROCKS!

  2. Gary T Says:

    I pretty much hate it. Sorry I just am over the phony swagger and attitude.

    call me old fashioned.

  3. james f Says:

    they just cant leave things alone in lincoln can they it is a terrible song

  4. D.B. Says:

    It’s a pretty cool song but it may not be for Nebraska. Why do they have to mess with everything? I am all about change being good but The tunnel walk music is what gets everybody jacked up! Leave it alone!

  5. Sarah Says:

    The song is good-its cheesy in a way that it should be. It will still get the crowd in the game…I think we really under-estimate the other generations…Im sure they will like it as well. But we definitely should be getting a new sound system instead of blowing all that money on the damn quilt display building!

  6. Doug Says:

    The new song lacks intensity. The first time I heard Sirius it was awe inspiring. This one is just a bunch of fluff. It does not have a distinct sounding lead in. I see it as a something K-State might try to copy the atmosphere of NU’s Memorial stadium. Replacing the original track with this non-inspiring track would not be one of Husker Visions better moves. Please leave well enough alone.

  7. Kelly Says:

    Sorry but this “new song” just doesn’t give the NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS FANS the pumped up, get excited, inspired, motivated & GO BIG RED experience that fans have been feeling and participating since Coach Osborne took his men through the tunnel, which Husker Vision makes it real. Nebraskans like tradition, this new song is just too much of a change from what we all have felt in our hearts, either being there live in the Stadium, viewing from home on TV or listening on the radio.

  8. Chris Says:

    If Stevie P. is all about tradition then why does he change everything. The old song is tradition and it rocks! Keep the old song.

  9. Shane VC Says:

    That is probably the worst idea in Nebraska history since bringing Callahan here to coach. The last of the Osborne tradition leaves with that song. Taking our last hope of becoming a powerhouse again with it. This song will lead to us losing fans and even games. This is not the Husker team I grew up knowing. Many fans feel the same way. I get goose bumps whenever the old song plays I guess that will never happen again.

  10. Cliff Says:

    Those of you that think we are losing tradition, the Sirius song is used by how how many other teams? It’s not really a “Nebraska thing”

    I read today on Huskers.Com that Mike Bo said the tunnel walk will be the same, and that the only think changing is some intro music. Guess we will have to wait and see.

    Just remember, change is good. And for Shane, you think bringing Callahan here was a bad thing? Do you really think Solich would have had the recruits that Callahan does? Please, think again…

  11. Shane Says:

    He can bring as many recruits as he wants. If he can’t coach or win a game does it really matter.

  12. Shawnna Says:

    Hey Cliff the headline today on says “How did this Husker fan influence one of college football’s greatest traditions.” Whether or not other teams use the song, the Sirius song has become part of the Tunnel Walk tradition. Changing the song changes the tradition!

    Secondly, in 2003 we had a 10 and 3 record. We haven’t had that decent of a record since then. Even is Solich didn’t have the greatest recruiting skills he knew how to coach those recruits. Callahan can bring in as much talent as he wants but if the team doesn’t have leadership they will fail.

  13. Cliff Says:

    Was Solich playing a team like USC like Callahan has the past two years? I don’t think so.

    What would Solich’s record have been in 04 or 05? We will never know but the way he was recruiting I doubt it would have been that good. Callahan needed time to get his players in the system, and now is the time. Even if the Husker have three loses this year, (USC, Texas, Big12?) I will probably feel they are a better team now then where we were back in 03.

  14. Joe C Says:

    Sirius gave goosebumps…brought chills…reminded us of past victories. The new song may one day do the same…years from now.

    Both songs leave something lacking at the end…I’m talking explosion…BOOMMMM! THE HUSKERS ARE HERE! ……Both songs just trail off…give a giant build up and then leave you with blue balls…ya know what I’m sayin? Both songs need a better ending.

  15. Jerred Says:

    what happened to tradition?

  16. Tom Says:

    It rocks… but wats the name of it????

  17. Tyler Says:

    You know im getting tired of everyone trying to think change is good for Nebraska. Screw that i am 21 i grew up with the tradition. Messing with the tradition is the only thing that will get Nebraska fans leave. I hope everyone knows that. I get pissed. This last game with washington pisses me off. The players dont act like they know the tradition. To play for Nebraska the players need to know how much Nebraska football means to the people that are from nebraska. No one except for Nebraskans know how much this sport means to us and the tradition. I think Bo Pelini needs to let the players talk to some of the Nebraskans so they know they arent playing for themselves and i am very pissed they lost the easiest game of the year to washington.

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