This morning the Nebraska Equipment guys posted on Twitter a couple of pictures of two new gloves that Adidas sent the players to use for the upcoming season. I’m not quite sure what I think right now about them but what I care doesn’t matter as the players are commenting very positive about them on Twitter. A little over the top is the first thing that I think.



What are your thoughts on the gloves? Let us know by leaving a comment here or following and writing us on Twitter @nebsports . Thanks to @NUequipment for the images

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24 Responses to “New Nebraska Football Gloves from Adidas”

  1. New Nebraska Football Gloves from Adidas - Nebraska Sports Blog Says:

    [...] New Nebraska Football Gloves from Adidas [...]

  2. Michele Bukoske Says:

    I absolutely love these new gloves. It will show the other teams that we’re coming into the Big Ten with tradition & pride from the Husker Nation! Thanks Adidas!

  3. Michele Bukoske Says:

    Where can I get a pair to wear to the games?

  4. free keylogger downloads Says:

    Nice hand gloves, looks very spotty. Can you please tell me from where I can buy a pair for me?

  5. rich linhart Says:

    these gloves are awesome!!!! where can i buy them??? plese send me a e-mail letting me know im going to buy both for sure!!!

  6. kyle smith Says:

    i really, really, want to buy these. where can i get them please!?

  7. brian schultz Says:

    these are awesome! where can i buy a pair

  8. Husker Dave Says:

    I see an “excessive celebration” penalty in the works for these gloves.

  9. Jacob Von bergen Says:

    Email me where I can get these

  10. keylogger free download Says:

    these are awesome!

  11. Jordan23 Says:

    Where can I get a pair?

  12. Tim Ashman Says:

    Where I can I buy these gloves

  13. Husker Du Says:


  14. Mark Smith Says:

    I think they’re great! Where can I get a pair?

  15. Kingslea Says:

    Awful. Nebraska is about tradition, not tacky, gimmicky, flash

  16. B10Fan Says:

    Hopefully a logo that comes together when clenching the butt cheeks is in the works….

  17. buckeye Says:

    these type of gloves cost the buckeyes 45 total penalty yards when the players flashed their block “O” gloves after they scored against the team up north this past year. while they are cool … i would hope that the college refereeing committee takes a different stance on them during the upcoming season.

  18. Legends Says:

    Tacky…wear them to bed but not in game. Reminds me of something Miami (Fla) would wear and who want to be like them. Bet they won’t wear them in the Big Ten after the first couple of penalties!

  19. Tim Says:

    Take the gloves off this is football not a fashion show!! Get back to being focused on playing the game not whether or not you have enough extras to add to it!

    Go Bucks!

  20. hooskerdu Says:

    Yawn.. Much ado about nothing..

  21. titoleewood Says:

    is there anyway to purchase these??

  22. Cliff Says:

    An update on the gloves: The gloves will be worn for one game only this season and that game has not been decided.

    As far as purchasing them, there has been no official word per the NU Equipment twitter account.

  23. Tim Says:

    These things are ugly.

  24. Troy Says:

    I think the gloves look great! Where can I purchase the gloves at?

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