NebraskaThe depth chart for the first Nebraska Football game against Nevada was released today by Coach Callahan.  There were a few suprises for sure I thought.  The first one that stood out to me was Armando Murillo starting over Andrew Jones at the corner position.  I understand that Jones will get plenty of playing time as Nevada usually plays atleast a three wide receiver set, but still seems weird.  Maybe it is to light a fire under Jones possibly?

Another suprise was see Cody Glenn not on the depth chart at all.  Coach Callahan commented today that was because Glenn has not practiced much lately but should be back out there today.  I wonder if Glenn will see playing time at all against Nevada?  Rest him until he is 100% is what I think.

When you overlook the entire depth chart you have got to love all the depth that the Husker look to have this year.  Almost every position is a very strong 2-deep.  We all know that there will be some injuries throughout the year so it is good when you have this kind of depth.  It will also help as the coaches will be able to rotate players in a lot more often this year.

Offensive Depth Chart: Defensive Depth Chart:
Quarterback: Defensive End:
Sam Keller Barry Turner
Joe Ganz Clayton Sievers
Patrick Witt Tony Sullivan
Running Back: Defensive End:
Marlon Lucky
Zach Potter
Quentin Castille Pierre Allen
Roy Helu  
Major Culbert Nose Tackle:
  Ndamukong Suh
Full Back: Shukree Barfield
Andy Sands Brandon Johnson
Thomas Lawson  
Wide Receiver: Ty Steinkuhler
Nate Swift Kevin Dixon
Todd Peterson Ben Martin
Menelik Holt  
Wide Receiver: Bo Rudd
Terrence Nunn Lance Brandenburgh
Frantz Hardy Blake Lawrence
Dan Erickson Tyler Wortman
Niles Paul  
Tight End: Steve Octavian
J.B. Phillips Lance Brandenburgh
Josh Mueller Thomas Grove
Dreu Young  
Sean Hill Linebacker:
  Corey McKeon
Tackle: Phillip Dilliard
Carl Nicks  
Mike Smith Cornerback:
  Armando Murillo
Tackle: Andre Jones
Lydon Murtha  
D.J. Jones Cornerback:
  Cortney Grixby
Guard: Zack Bowman
Andy Christensen Anthony West
Jordan Picou  
Guard: Larry Asante
Mike Huff Bryan Wilson
Matt Slauson Matt O’Hanlon
Keith Williams  
Center: Tierre Green
Brett Byford Ricky Thenarse
Jacob Hickman Ben Eisenhart

What do you all think about the depth chart?  Leave us some comments and let us know your thoughts!

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