NebraskaRoburt Sallie was at the Univeristy of Nebraska a year ago as he hoped the NCAA Clearing House would allow him to play for the Huskers Basketball team.  Well they didn’t since they have some pretty strict rules about prep school players etc.

So Sallie went out to San Francisco Community College where he did not play basketball but took classes.  He is now ready to re-committ to the Huskers as the early signing period beings soon.

Sallie is a 6’5 200 lb swing player who had early offers from Maryland, Memphis, and Wake Forest to name a few.  He wants to help the Huskers get on top of the Big 12 and make some noise in the NCAA Tournament.  Lets hope that really happens!

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Nebraska“The Voice Of The Huskers” , Jim Rose has decided to resign from his job and will no longer be on the radio team.  Rose has held the title as Voice Of The Huskers for the past six seasons as he has been announcing play by play for the football team.  Rose’s reason for resigning is that he has lost touch with the important things in life.

Can’t say anything bad about Rose resigning due to that, but I think there is more behind the story to be honest.  Time will tell if any of it is released.  Maybe the Husker losing just got to him too much lol.

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NebraskaThe Kansas Jayhawks took the Nebraska Cornhuskers back behind the woodshed for an old fashioned butt whooping on Saturday.  The 76 points put up on the Husker defense is the most points ever scored on a Nebraska team.  The offense didn’t play too bad for the Huskers, except Joe Ganz had a couple of interceptions in the second half that stopped the Huskers drive and gave the ball right back to the Jayhawks who knew what to do with it.

One bright spot for the Huskers was wide-receiver Maurice Purify who had three touchdowns on the game.  He made a spectacular one handed grab for his second touchdown that you will probably see on the Top 10 plays on Sportscenter tonight.

But once again, it will be the terrible Nebraska defense that everyone will be talking about for another week.   There are plenty of “fans” out there that wish the season was just over.  Well we have Kansas State and Colorado left on the schedule.  Lets try to win these final two games and then wait for all the changes to be made.

Goodjob Jayhawks, you guys got us and it was an old fashioned butt whooping.  Good luck the rest of the season.

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NebraskaThe Nebraska Cornhuskers will try to knock off the Kansas Jayhawks in a big Big12 game on Saturday.  The Jayhawks are coming into the game with a 8-0 overall record after defeating Texas A&M in their last game.  The Huskers come into the game off a tough loss down in Austin Texas.   I expect this game to come right down to the wire with the team with the ball last winning.

The big question leading into the game is how will Joe Ganz do in his first college start?  Ganz has been in the Husker program for four years now and knows the playbook in and out.  He will scramble if needed and that should get the Huskers a couple first downs through the game.  You have to wonder how Ganz will do with the passing game though.  Since he hasn’t played much this season, will he be able to make his checkdowns, and dump it off if he needs too?  Hopefully not as much as Sam Keller was dumping it off, but you get my point lol.

The question on defense is this.  Will Coach Cozgrove blitz like he did in the Texas game?  I would assume they will blitz 30-40% of the game and try to put pressure on the Jayhawks.  If the can get pressure on the Jayhawks, I like the Huskers chances in the game.  Some may say this is a homer call, but I’m going to predict that the Huskers win by a score of 27-24.


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