NebraskaWell for the second time in four years under Bill Callahan, the Nebraska Cornhuskers will not be playing in a bowl game.  Nebraska fell to the Colorado Buffaloes by the score of 65-51 to end a painful 2007 football season.  The team finished 5-7 which was unheard of before the Bill Callahan tenure.

It was really the tale of two halves for the Huskers today.  They came out and moved the ball well and actually had a 35-24 lead at halftime, but in the second half that is when everything went down hill.  Two interceptions and a blocked punt gave the Buffaloes all the momentum that they needed to get by the Huskers.  Oh yeah, and the defense played continued to play like crap just like all season under Coach Cozgrove.

So now the big question is this.  How long until we get an official word on Bill Callahan?  He will be meeting with Tom Osborne on Saturday to discuss his future.  Everyone expects that Callahan, Cozgrove, and atleast one other assistant coach will be let go.

The name everyone is talking about for next head coach is Bo Pelini.  Credible sources are saying he will be the next coach at the University of Nebraska, but we will have to wait on an official announcement to be 100% certain.

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12 Responses to “Nebraska ends season with 65-51 loss at Colorado”

  1. dave christensen Says:

    again, cosgrove fails to make any adjustments during the game or at the break. makes me sick. as usual, i support nebraska’s players who in spite of an inept cosgrove and an egotistical callahan have represented the university with class

  2. Jeffrey Mack Says:

    It’s time to clean house! C’ya Callahan,

  3. drbordo Says:

    Bo Pelini’s defense is having a very hard time against Arkansas. Maybe NU should look around?

  4. Afta One Says:

    I love November in Boulder!

    65-35 (err…51 garbage time points….)

    Stop your whining Husker-fan.

    Simply…bring back Turner Gill, the I-back, and the triple-option.

    Let’s talk next November.

    Happy Holidays!

    Go CU!

  5. TiredOvTed2 Says:

    Nice end to an already disappointing season. We got outcoached by a guy with a 1980′s Wojo hairdo and a man with a cheesy mustache wearing a skirt. The only question is whether the he-she still had any stones under the prom-dress it was wearing!!

    Callahan, Coz, and at least one assistant gone my ass! I see no reason why any one of these clowns should be retained in the Husker program.

    I counted at least 6 or 8 dropped passes that may have enabled us to stay in the game and compete. With “Chesty” Ted Gilmore running our receiving core, our boys still couldn’t catch a cold. We prayed on it, and hopefully all of you WILL be able to “just get on that plane” this time.

  6. Mizzou18 Says:

    I am so glad to see Nebraska suck. You jerks ran it up on everybody. Osborne is a true jerk!@#%%%

  7. Mizzou18 Says:

    Blackshirts wear pink! Jayhawks are Gayhawks! MIZZOU ROCKS!

  8. Sturgis437 Says:

    Colorado thanks. This is one season I hoped you would beat us. Kansas…don’t choke, BCS HATERS ARE CHEERING FOR YOU. Mizzou feel free to choke. Notre Dame…..Thanks you made us acually look competative. Callahan and Cosgrove….GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE NOW GET OUT

  9. Husker Fan Says:

    Mizzou 18, the reason that we ran the score up on you so bad is because you suck, Mizzou, will probably get railed tonight. This serves you right. Mizzou, fans have never had class. In the last few times that you have been fortunate enough to beat us your fans have treated our fans like crap. You guys are as bad as Colorado (in terms of fans).

    GO Jayhawks! I know they beat us but they did it with class, you should take notes.

  10. huskrflyer Says:

    The NU season would make a great plot for a movie; oh, wait a minute, Jekyll and Hyde has already been done.

    Get ready Husker fans, the suffering is not over; at least three more years to get the thing rebuilt. Not a pleasant thought.

  11. Huskersfan07 Says:

    “I am so glad to see Nebraska suck. You jerks ran it up on everybody. Osborne is a true jerk!@#%%%”
    “Blackshirts wear pink! Jayhawks are Gayhawks! MIZZOU ROCKS!”

    Again, showing the true class of a Missouri fan. Good job to the Buffs. See you all next season.

  12. HEAVY HUSKER Says:


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