NebraskaWhile there is a press conference schedule in 45 minutes (9:30 Lincoln time) I have heard that Bill Callahan was let go by the University this morning.  Around 7:20 Callahan arrived at the University with Tom Osborne shortly following.  The meeting only last 10-15 minutes so it must have been right to the point.

Right now, I haven’t heard word about what assistants will be let go, they started their meeting around 8 a.m.  I’ll be away from the computer most of today, so please bare with me, I will have updates as quickly as I can!

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10 Responses to “Bill Callahan let go as Head Coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers”

  1. Gary Ray Says:

    Is it any surprise Callahan was not a great college coach? Duh! When Callhan was coach of the Oakland Raiders, he was such an ignorant coach that he did not change the audible signals from the previous year, even though the Raiders were using Jon Gruden’s offense and was facing Gruden’s Tampa Bay Bucs in the Superbowl. What a genius! After Callahan was fired in Oakland, he was picked up at Nebraska. What did the Huskers think they were getting???? Get a clue, Husker Nation!!!!

  2. Mike Smith Says:

    Let’s hope Gill is not the next head coach.

  3. Densel Myers Says:

    Thank God!! Nebraska has come to it’s senses. Tom Osborne has ended the nightmare.

    It hasn’t been as much fun down here in Oklahoma since Callahan moved to Lincoln. The Nebraska-Oklahoma rivalry is legendary.

    Sooner fans all recognize the Husker program as a class act. At least it was before Callahan.

    It will be fun seeing the Huskers back in the saddle. And the Sooners will be ready to meet you next year in the Big 12 Championship game.

    So from us F***ing Hillbillies …. Go Huskers and Go Sooners.

  4. JOE Says:

    I have been a Cornhusker fan since Jarvis Redwine was tailback. Let me say I’m glad Callahan is out. I dont know him personally but I can honestly say I’ve never seen a coach accept losing and losing badly with such grace and dignity. It’s seems like he put teams on the field to lose. I never saw or heard him get upset loss after terrible loss. If you are not passionate about your craft then you should not be in that field and certainly Callahan should not be a head football coach.

  5. Afta One Says:

    Mike Smith, what’s wrong with Turner Gill? What’s your issue with Gill?

    I love watching Husker nation in disarray! :-)

    Go CU!

  6. Frosty Says:

    What’s Frank Solich up to these days?

  7. jim Says:

    Hope it not turner also, he wasn’t that great as a player.

    Bo for huskers.

  8. dave christensen Says:

    Gill “not that great a player.” Please send me some of what you are smoking. It must be premium stuff. My thoughts on this whole coaching matter - ABC - Anybody But Callahan.

  9. jim Says:

    what team did Gil play outside of Nebraska?????????????????????

  10. Amy Says:

    Bill Callahan said that he was going to set records… Maybe he should’ve said he’d set GOOD records. :)
    I think he knew it was coming though.

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