NebraskaRumors are going around that Ryan Wehrle is headed to Cal State Fullerton to play baseball next season. We are not sure if this is 100% true right now, but yesterday Ryan and his family met with Steve Pederson and he was granted his release but he cannot sign with another Big12 team or another team in Nebraska.

Have you all heard the same thing that Wehrle is headed to Cal St. Fullerton?

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9 Responses to “Ryan Wehrle transferring to Cal State Fullerton?”

  1. AC Says:

    How scared are the Huskers???? I can see that the Huskers would not want Wehrle to sign with another Big12 school….pretty common. But stipulating that he can’t sign with another team in Nebraska is crazy. Are the big bad Big 12 Huskers afraid that the Jays would take him in under their blue wing and thump the Huskers next year? Lets face it, the Huskers have every advantage when it comes to competing against the Jays, the money, the facilities, the crazed Husker fans and the conference. The advantage they don’t have is a Coach who preaches the fundamentals and demands his players stay mentally sharp and work extremely hard. The Jays take average players and build solid players who scratch and claw everyday to get to the top of the Valley every year. The Huskers need to take a lesson from the little guy down the street and not worry about being bitten by an ex-player coming back in a CU uniform. This is another embarrassing moment for Steve Pederson and the Husker Baseball team. When will it stop…??

  2. Cliff Says:

    The Jays don’t need Wehrle to beat the Huskers. I don’t have a problem with them releasing Ryan and saying no you can’t goto Creighton.

    If he is indeed goign to CSF, he will get a lot more looks from scouts I would think. Whatever happens, I wish him the best and the best for Husker Baseball.

  3. AC Says:

    I don’t have a problem with them saying no to Creighton either, but I think it tells a lot about where the Husker program is right now. Scared of its own shadow!

  4. Brad Says:

    He is going to CSF. An he wouldnt go to Creighton anyways, so who cares about that stipulation.

    Personally, seems like college sports are turning into professional ones.

  5. AC Says:

    Brad, You are missing the point. He wouldn’t go to Creighton, Creighton wouldn’t want him…. All I am saying is this shows how scared NU is of CU.

  6. Lynn Says:

    Ryan Werle is a fine young man who like other players in the past has had his ups and downs at Nebraska. I think if coach Anderson would have helped him and other players a little more, in the correct way, through the down times they would have had a more productive year. These are young men that, in the mind stressing sport of baseball are going to have blocks that have to be worked through in the right way. Sometimes the coaches can’t see it and the players don’t understand it.
    That’s what sports psychologists are for. A more insightfull approach might be a turn in the right direction for the Huskers baseball team, instead of just bringing up the next player. Ryan did the right thing in accepting the draft. All the best to him.

  7. GoJays Says:

    Lynn….How much more help do these clowns need from a coach? How many chances do you get? Young men….? I think they are old enough to know right from wrong!

  8. Ryan Wehrle transferring to Cal State Fullerton Nebraska Sports | volleyball equipment Says:

    [...] Ryan Wehrle transferring to Cal State Fullerton Nebraska Sports Posted by root 4 days ago ( Rumors are going around that ryan wehrle is headed to cal state fullerton to play 7 comments write comment 7 responses to ryan wehrle neb sports a nebraska sports blog is proudly powered bywordpress Discuss  |  Bury |  News | Ryan Wehrle transferring to Cal State Fullerton Nebraska Sports [...]

  9. Brian Says:

    I think it’s safe to say he never made it to Fullerton!

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