NebraskaJonas Gray, the star running back from Michigan has decided to de-commit from the University of Nebraska and open up his recruiting once again.  He says his decision is because of Coach Callahan being on the hot seat and he doesn’t want to play for a coach that could be out of there in a year or even sooner.

Gray is listing Notre Dame, Michigan, LSU, and Nebraska has his favorites right now.  He is still interested in the Huskers, he just wants to see how things play out with the coaching staff.

Also, look for Blaine Gabbert to do the same once the coaching change is made.  I see Gabbert moving onto Missouri but I sure hope I am wrong.  This is what happens when you have coaches on the brink of being fired, your recruiting class doesn’t know what to do, and they have to try to make the best decisions for their future.  You can’t fault these guys for looking around, if I were them, I would be too.

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13 Responses to “Jonas Gray de-commits, and opens up recruiting”

  1. Once a Husker Fan... Says:

    This is just the beginning….now can one understand this is a 5+ year spiral down????? If you think NU Football is the laughing stock of the counrty just wait a few weeks and a few more years…
    It’s Over….

  2. WiseTiger Says:

    Blaine Gabbert IS going to MIZZOU…he wants to pick up where Chase Daniels turns over the reigns in 09. The other significant reason is, he doesn’t want to take the pounding that Keller is beginning to take cause the OL are quitters…..and it will get worse…

  3. Husker Bo Says:

    Someone stick a finger in the dyke….

  4. Jim Says:

    well like I have said before get rid of all of the coaches now. And announce the new coach maybe we can save some of this year committments.

  5. HuskerPride Says:

    I almost think getting rid of Callahan would be a bad idea. For one, he is THE reason why we recieved those commits in those top recruits. I would bet that with Dr T.O. giving B.C. his pointers and not having Pederson screwing things up like the shut down to prior Huskers on the sidelines during home games and the dismantling of the walkon program, that things would get soooo much better. Get rid of Callahan and we as the Husker Faithful will have to wait and watch as our whole game is played. i.e. (running attack vs west coast offense) changes. I dont know. Call me crazy but I dont like waiting for excellance in four or five year intervals.

  6. X Husker Says:

    Callahan has stated he won’t resign. There’s $3.1 million reasons why he won’t. He knows is days are numbered. His way of getting even is to bleed this thing out while the recruits jump ship. He knows it and it’s his way of getting even. When he goes, there will be little left of the 08 recruits. DR.Tom needs to understand this and fire Callahan now and he take over the remaining season as Coach.

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    [...] Jonas Gray de-commits, and opens up recruiting [...]

  8. TS Says:

    All of you negative bloggers need to start riding the wagon up hill just like you rode it down hill in the 90′s. Your all the same people that wanted TO to be fired when he wasn’t winning the big one. BC made a complete over haul. Give the guy two more years. You, the negative fans are losing the recruits. BUCK UP!

  9. NC Says:

    TS - you don’t know what you are talking about - the fans that are blogging here weren’t around in 78/79 to call for Osborne to be fired.

    I agree - firing Callahan might be a big mistake. We’ve started the uphill climb to change offensives and we need to see it thru. The man has proved to be a masterful recruiter - let him be and get this (and future classes in). As TS astutely pointed out, Osborne was on thin ice a few years into his tenure and it all worked out in the end. Give Callahan a few more years, afterall - how much worse could it get?

    In other news, I heard Eric Crouch on the radio the other day pimping some new football league and when asked about a coaching change he said it is imminent then he thru out Turner Gill and Bo Pelini as possibilities. Bo would definitely get the Black Shirts back on track but, not sure how good of a leader and administrator he is…can he put together a good team of offensive coaches?

  10. drbordo Says:

    Now what do you think of keeping Callahan around? I am still in shock that Ganz was benched for Keller.

  11. dfnewburry Says:

    Gray is going to Notre Dame and is way overated.

  12. Husker Fan 12 Says:

    who needs these five and four stars!!!!! if you look all the two stars and three stars are better than those stupid five and four stars. i can’t believe that Simi Kuli decommited.

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