NebraskaAs Husker fans the past month has not been the best.  From getting blown out in consecutive weeks to losing recruits, it is something that the Husker Nation is not used too.  As we have seen earlier this week with the de-committ of Jonas Gray, (who has now committed to Notre Dame), the football team is going to definately lose out on some recruits and they are uncertain of what will happen with the coaching staff.

Right now Blaine Gabbert and Will Compton are both looking into Missouri.  Which makes since, as both players are from the state of Missouri.  Doug Rippy and D.J. Woods are also looking at different schools.  They were our two players from the state of Ohio.

As you can see, this recruiting class is going to lose some players, but we are also going to gain some other ones who are putting their trust into Tom Osborne, that he will go out and hire the best available coach that the Huskers can get.

Just last night, the nations #1 defensive junior college player, Simi Kuli committed to the Nebraska Football team.  Kuli is a defensive end from El Camino Community College in California.  I’ve been reading that the final three teams in his recruiting were Texas A&M, LSU, and Nebraska.  Yes, he choose the Huskers over the LSU Tigers!

Lets roll with the punches and see how the recruiting class turns out, and as well with the coaching staff.  As we all know, there is going to be some changes made, so lets set back and see what Osborne has in mind and stay behind our program!


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7 Responses to “The ups and downs of recruiting, you win some, and you lose some”

  1. X Husker Says:

    Those who don’t take the initiative to do something are the “nots” of the world. If NU sits back and does nothing, the “haves” will eat your lunch. Quite frankly, I hope NU does nothing and goes more into the quicksand. Besides CALLAHAN is Doing an
    EXCELLANT JOB….says himself.

  2. Forever Red Says:

    I’ll take my chances. We’ll either get back on top or hit rock bottom….sounds like gambling doesn’t it? Oh, I forgot, Nebraskans don’t gamble….voted it down twice…guess it’s like voting the Huskers down then isn’t it??????

  3. Husker Supporter Says:

    I agree with X Husker…it’s like waiting in back of a long line. Before you know it the bus is full and it pulls away leaving you at the curb. Is that what we are going to let happen…
    Left standing at the curb with a dumb look on our faces while the rest of the Big 12 North laughs at us?? We are already the butt of College Football jokes around the country……I can’t take it anymore…..

  4. Little Pink Says:


  5. Ron Says:

    All I hear is the fact that the coaches are uncertain if they will be retained and it hurts recruiting. How about the fact that this team is going to have a losing record? Plus chances for improvement next year are also uncertain due to the players we have recruited during the Callahan era. That has just as big of an impact on recruiting as does coaching uncertainty.

  6. Tony Aksamit Says:

    It is very interesting reading in today’s Sports Illistrated… (Boston Celtics on the cover), about several things Bill has removed from the Husker program…………Bye Bill! We also know in our hearts that Bill and staff are going out soon. But the beauty of being a Husker fan is that we know we will once again be strong in coaching, recruiting, and our walk-on program. Thanks Tom, our past players, and our strong fans. There is no place like Nebraska!!!!!!!

  7. dave christensen Says:

    Get over it. Get on with it. Callahan out. Renew the Big Red spirit. It’s been like getting season tickets for the Kansas City Royals - “Haven’t we suffered enough”

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