NebraskaYou can take off that “interim athletic director” tag off of Tom Osborne now.  Osborne today was officially announced as the Athletic Director at the University of Nebraska.  Osborne has agreed to to the title until June 30th, 2010.

Hopefully Osborne is here longer then that and all the sports teams are in great shape and winning national championships!

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5 Responses to “Tom Osborne officialy the Athletic Director at Nebraska”

  1. Mizzou Tiger Says:

    My hunch is he’ll be a great AD for 3 years….that is for Non Conference patsies that are scheduled…..a .500 record in the conference is another thing…in 08..besides Mizzou and the Jayhawks, the Huskers get OU too!!! Can you say OUCH!!!!! and then there’s Colorado who scored what 65 points!!!!!
    I don’t care what kind of emotion Pelini brings….your defense wound up 112th…..even if he gets it to 50th, what have you got???? about 5 losses…and so it goes for “Big Pink”!

  2. John Horner Says:

    don’t hate man jealousy and stupidity will get a kitten no where. lmfao

  3. schreve Says:

    bye bye chase daniel who is more than likely entering the draft haha

  4. Mizzou Blows Says:

    Mizzou is a joke. Three wins against the Huskers in like 30 years and you think you are top dog. Criticism is good but you are just spouting off at the mouth. A solid season for Mizzou is one thing, keeping it up is another.

  5. schreve Says:

    will compton an 2 others have not officially decommitted so our recruiting class hasnt completely imploded yet

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