NebraskaJim Ebke played his high school football at Lincoln East and then took a full ride scholarship offer at South Dakota State to begin his college career in 2007.  After being moved to a linebacker position and redshirting last year, Ebke begin to release that he would like to head back to Lincoln.

Ebke was told he was welcome to walk onto the football team and that was all that it took for him to enroll in spring classes.  Ebke says he would like to compete at the quarterback position, and he will just have to see how it goes, but he will give it his best shot.

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5 Responses to “Quarterback Jim Ebke transferring to UNL”

  1. schreve Says:

    quality pick up for the huskers…i played against this guy his senior year at lincoln east. we beat him on the final play of the quarter finals when we flipped him just short of the endzone…if he gets the chance he will do some good things

  2. Nebraska Football Says:

    I think any player than can switch back and forth between a quarterback and linebacker is an excellent addition to the Husker football team.

  3. blair Says:

    nebraska needs to keep this guy he is good

  4. Jeff Says:

    he was a senior when i was a freshman at east and since he left the team has gone downhill he is a superb choice for the huskers

  5. Deacon Jones Says:

    I have had the pleasure of working with Jim and get to know him a bit. If his passion for life is the same for football then he will excel nicely with the huskers. His commitment to goals is genuine and that will work wonders in practice and translate to the field. Good luck Jim and hit’em hard !

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