NebraskaAfter the hiring of Coach Pelini, recruiting is getting off to a pretty good start.  Two new players have verabally comitted to the Nebraska Football team.  It will be exciting to see what players decide to come to Nebraska with the new staff that is being put together.

Ben Cotton, who is the son of newly hired Barney Cotton, committed last night after being offered a full ride scholarship a few hours before.  Cotton was originally comitted to the University of Louisville.  He is a 6’5 tight-end and will be coached by the newly hired Ron Brown.

Micah Kreikemeier from West Point, Nebraska also verbally committed a few nights ago.  He was suprised to see a caller id name of Thomas Osborne calling his house Sunday evening and quickly figured out what was going on!  Kreikemeier will be a project and whatever position he ends up playing.

Welcome to the Big Red Family!

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