NebraskaIt was another struggle for the Nebraska Cornhuskers as they had plenty of troubles with San Jose State on Saturday afternoon. The Huskers had a small lead in the second half until they scored 21 un-answered points to beat the Sparans 35-12. A win is a win but this was sure an ugly one.

The game turned around with 12:07 left in the game and the Huskers only up 14-12. Niles Paul returned a 85 yard kickoff back for a touchdown to extend the Huskers lead to nine points. After Paul’s huge kickoff return, the Huskers got a 14 yard touchdown by Roy Helu Jr, and a two yard touchdown by running back Marlon Lucky. The cornhuskers poured it on in the fourth quarter to make it looks a little better on the scoreboard but they sure can’t be to happy with the win.

All three Nebraska running backs scored in the game. Quentin Castille scored the Huskers first td with a three yard run in the first quarter. I’m still not happy with how the running backs performed, or the offensive line for that matter. There just wasn’t very many holes and the o-line should have been domination the smaller spartans d-line.

On the defensive side of the ball, Ndamukong Suh intercepted a bal and ran it back for a 49 yard touchdown. The d-line of the Huskers played pretty good but will be without Barry Turner who broke his leg early in the first quarter. Pierre Allen will now need to step up and take Turner’s starting spot. Look for Turner to apply for a medical redshit and be back next year.

Joe Ganz had a decent game as he was 17-25 for 216 yards. He went without a touchdown pass for the first time in his five career starts, and he did throw one interception. Nebraska senior wide receivers Nate Swift (6 rec., 70 yards) and Todd Peterson (4 rec., 59 yards) combined for 10 catches in the game.

The secondary of the Huskers still scares me a little bit. Larry Asante is going for the big hit everytime out there it seems like and he is making way to many mistakes. He needs to settle and down and get back to fundamentals and learn how to tackle correctly. You don’t have to light someone up on every play to have a good game.

The Huskers will need to have a good week of practice and and practice running the ball more in my opinion to have a good game on Saturday. I’d love to see a good game out the offense, defense, and special teams against New Mexico State. Kickoff will be at 5 p.m. central time.


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NebraskaIt’s almost that time of the week again Husker fans! Nebraska will be taking on San Jose State Saturday morning from Memorial Stadium and the Huskers say they are ready for the Spartans.

San Jose State struggled in their first game of the season as they had to come back in the final seconds to beat UC Davis 13-10. I expect this game to be a blowout for the Huskers as they win by atleat 24-27 points. I predict that the Huskers will get a lot of reserves into the game in the fourth quarter which will be some valuable playing time for those players.

One thing we will want to pay attention to in the game however is if the Huskers can run the ball against the Spartans defense. I think they will be able to because San Jose State isn’t just going to stack the box against the Huskers like Western Michigan did. The Spartans just aren’t the taem that Western Michigan is to be able to stack the box and shut down the run.

I expect Joe Ganz to have another great day and throw for atleast a couple of td’s. Hopefully he doesnt’ make any mistakes with the ball and makes good decisions out there. I really think he will have a good day and we will see Patrick Witt in the game in the fourth quarter with the Huskers up big.

Will the defense show up and control the game is one question a lot of people have been asking. The secondary needs to fix some communication problems, but I think they will get those things figured out and and have a good day. I’m not worried about the d-line or linebackers in Saturday’s game, I will be watching how the secondary plays. They should step their game up that’s for sure.

Lydon Murtha and Ricky Thenarse will not be playing in the game as both players are still rehabbing injuries. Saturday’s game captains will be Nate Swift, Todd Peterson, Ty Steinkuhler and Alex Henery.

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NebraskaJust a quick heads up that the university just announced that they have received some tickets for the San Jose St. and New Mexico St. games. Tickets were returned from the two universities as they were unable to sell the allotment of tickets.

Act fast at or by calling 800-8-BIG RED if you are interested in picking up some Huskers Tickets at face value! 

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NebraskaA former member of the Nebraska Football team was found not guilty of a first-degree sexual assault charge on Tuesday afternoon. Andy Christensen had spent the last six months in jail after being charged in an altercation at a Lincoln bar.

It is unsure if Christensen will be allowed back on the football team or not as Coach Pelini said things would have to be looked and talked over. Other then that, he said he had no comment on the situation.

One thing that could happen is that Christensen is granted a sixth year by the NCAA as he missed two years early in his career due to injury. That would allow him to be back on the field in 2009 if Coach Pelini brings him back.

What’s your opinion on this situation? Did the legal system play out and should Mr. Christensen be allowed back on the team?

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NebraskaFirst off, I’d like to say I’m sorry for just now getting the game recap up. It was a long weekend with a lot of friends and family members over for the game. (Isn’t it always like that when you have the pay per view games on?!)

My first thoughts as the game was ending was “Wow that was a sloppy win” but now looking back it wasn’t as bad as I had originally thought. Sure there were mistakes in the secondary which we all figured was going to happen. But overall I thought they played pretty well and hopefully the mistakes that happened Saturday night will be fixed and we will see better play out of the secondary against San Jose State.

One thing I love seeing was the pressure being applied to the Western Michigan quarterback during the game. The Huskers finished with four sacks and caused three tournovers in the game. It seemed like they didn’t have three tournovers all last season lol. Cody Glenn was a beast in his first game at the linebacker position. Glenn was flying around all over the field and led the team with 12 total tackles.

As for the offense, they put some huge numbers as Joe Ganz had a pretty good game. Ganz completed 20-36 passes for 345 yards and four touchdowns. Ganz put the ball in the hands of seven different husker receivers in the game. Joe did make a couple of mistakes as he threw a couple of interceptions.

Nate Swift had a huge night as he caught five balls for 121 yards and two touchdowns. Mike McNeill and Marlon Lucky caught the other two touchdowns from Ganz. Menelik Holt added five catches for 59 yards, while Quentin Castille and Todd Peterson each added three receptions.

The running game was quite a letdown I thought. With the husker offensive line out-weighing the Western Michigan line by average of 40 lbs per player, I thought the Huskers would run all over the Broncos but I was mistaken. The Broncos stacked the box and the Huskers had problems running as they only finished with 159 yards on 31 attempts. Lucky had the only rushing touchdown which came in the first quarter to put the huskers up 6-0. Roy Helu Jr. lead the team with 54 yards and 7 carries. Lucky then followed with 52 yards on 12 carries.

The specials teams part of the game was awesome. Field goal kicker Alex Henery was 4-4 with all four field goals being from 44 yards. The sophomore place-kicker from Omaha also tied the Memorial Stadium record with four field goals by a Husker, most recently accomplished by Jordan Congdon against Maine in 2005.

Now the Huskers will be watching film and have a hard week of practice to get ready for Saturday’s game against San Jose State. Hopefully the Huskers secondary plays better and shuts down the San Jose passing attack and we see another Huskers victory. I expect a blowout and the defense playing a lot better in the secondary.

What are your opinions on the game? What needs to be worked on? What did you like about the game? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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