NebraskaAnother Nebraska Football game on TV!  We all expected this game to be on tv for sure, it is just a matter of what time slot the folks at ABC decide to put the game on.  It will be either 11am or 7pm, they have to choose with this game and the Oklahoma and Texas A&M.

Hopefully ABC chooses the Nebraska / Missouri game for the 7pm game so more recruits can make their way to the game.  It is hard to get recruits to the game intime for those early kickoffs.

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2 Responses to “Nebraska / Missouri to be telivised on ABC”

  1. Meis Says:

    Well I hope NEBRASKA’s Defensive Coach will show up and actually get the schemes and the players to play after we have a lead!!!!! We need to optimize our great talent on the defensive side.

  2. Cliff Says:

    You nailed it on the head Meis, Cosgrove called a terrible game yesterday against OSU and they were all over the Husker defense.

    It was truly one of the worst games I have seen Nebraska play. When you look at how both lines played, the quarterback, and the lack of defense it was just plain terrible. I really don’t even know what to say as I’m getting ready to write up my article about the game yesterday.

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