NebraskaRumors are going around Lincoln that Cody Glenn and/or Kenny Wilson will be transferring at the end of the year.  Both cannot be happy with how many carries they have been getting in games since Brandon Jackson has took over the #1 spot and got 75% of the carries.  Glenn and Wilson have rarely been used in the last three games but Coach Norvell said that they both continue to work their butts of during practice and he hasn’t heard anything about either one of them wanting to transfer.

How could we get them the ball more often I’m wondering?  Well Kenny Wilson is back on kick return sometimes but the Huskers rarely have had a chance to actually bring a kickoff back for return as most are being kicked into the endzone as touchbacks.  I’m not sure if Wilson has ever returned punts, but I don’t like Grixby back there or Nunn.  Give that duty to Wilson or Swift in my opinion.  About Cody Glenn, if it is third and short he needs to be in the game to pound the rock for the first down plain and simple.  Use him at fullback with Lucky or Jackson in at the I-back position.  You can run so many plays out of that formation for both backs I think we could do a lot of damage with it.  Another thing you might consider is moving Glenn to linebacker where Texas recruited him out of highschool.  He didn’t want any part of linebacker then, so I’m wondering why he would now.

My final prediction is that Kenny Wilson transfers to a Div 2 school like Northwest Missouri State and finishes his college career there before being a late round or free agent signee in the NFL.  That just my guess though.  Lets here yours, please leave some comments and tell us how you feel.

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One Response to “Cody Glenn or Kenny Wilson transferring?”

  1. Lathea B. Says:

    I honestly think that it was unfair to kenny wilson. A kid that has so much passion for the game. Be put on the side lines due to his past injury even though his doctor gave the ok to play. The Huskers doctor didnt give the ok to play. Kenny wilson had been working hard to get in there. I believe the coach did know about the transfer. I mean its common sense also he went there to play. Whats the point in staying there if he cant do what he loves to do.

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