NebraskaWell it was a shok to see that Chris Perry had verbally comitted to the Huskers a few weeks ago.  Well now, Perry is verbally comitting back to his original choice, the Miami Hurricanes.  He said his heart never left Miami, and that is where he has wanted to goto all along, but he was being pressured my friends and family to goto Nebraska.

I’m guess that his family and friends know that Nebraska is much safer and a lot less distraction then Miami.  He is following his heart and you can’t fault him for that.  Reports that I have read, say that Perry informed the Husker coaches and said it was better to do this now, then join the Huskers and end up transferring.

It’s a big loss for the Huskers, as Perry would have been a good DT prospect, but the show goes on and hopefully we don’t lose anyone else from this class.  Signing day is a few weeks away, lets hold on tight!

Nebraska Recruiting

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