NebraskaWhat a dissapointing night for the Nebraska Football team on Saturday night.  The offense couldn’t get anything going, the defense sucked, and the coaches flat out dropped the ball.  C’mon boys, grab your jocks, strap it up, and start playing and coaching like you want to play and coach for the Huskers.

Missouri amassed 606 yards of total offense, including 411 through the air and 195 on the ground. The Huskers managed 297 yards, including 223 yards passing and 74 rushing yards.  That right there can pretty much explain why the Huskers were blown out.  No running game, no defense = blowout.

I’m tired of saying, so what do we do to fix these problems.  I have no idea, I would start with saying goodbye to Cozgrove but that isn’t going to happen until the end of the season atleast.  All I can say is go out there, let the boys fly around and hopefully they will put some wins on the scoreboard.  And play some of those freshman whom have burned their redshirts.

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13 Responses to “Missouri crushes the Huskers 41-6”

  1. letsgobuffs Says:

    It’s only a matter of time before you guys realize that calli sucks as a coach. These are his players and the ship is sinking fast. Too bad, I say. I want the game after Thanksgiving to mean something!

  2. sam burson Says:

    i just don’t under stand why are devence can’t learn from ther mustakes, from texas tech a cuple years ago when they put up 70 on our 3-4 dev. why can’t they see you need to get presher on the QB, you don’t need a great QB to pass on a three man rush. the bkack shirts of old where a atacking dev.. when you get to the QB you help your dev. backs out with the presher. you look at what charly mcbride did with his front four he would stunt and dely bleats. but are dev. cordenater can’t see that something wrong with that. that should be so easy to see. I got a bad felling about this season we mite be 4 and 8. then what will petterson do to hurt this school!!!!!!!

  3. Duke of Omaha Says:

    Callahan has lost this team. It’s now not a question if they will win another game this year, perhaps next year. Pederson dropped the ball on this hire and now he has to clean up the mess he created. In the meantime,do not support the University with your money! Do not buy the PPV for the Ok. ST. game. Send a serious message to this Administration about the failure of leadership in the football program.

  4. Cliff Says:

    We need some motivators on this team. The players are motivated and the coaches aren’t doing there job plain and simple.

    There will be changes made at the end of the season, but I don’t think it is Callahan for all you wishing for him to be gone.

  5. Ed Says:

    Callahan should read = CallaCan’t. Cozgrove can’t spell defense. It all starts with that A&M guy (Bill Byrnes).

    MMMM where is Bo? Oh ya, Bill didn’t want him. Bill is a true Aggie. Just who figured that an Aggie AD could lead the Husker Nation??? It all starts at the top.
    By the way guess who the defensive coach is at LSU? MMMM Bo? Yep.

  6. Rob Says:

    As an avid Missouri fan it is sad to see how the mighty University of Nebraska football program has fallen. Back when Tom Osborne was coaching you knew you were going to see this awesome team of dominant lineman, running back after running back who could take it the distance, and a blackshirt defense with future professional players everywhere. Down here we wondered “why Bill Callahan?” You guys could have had any great coach in the country and you picked a guy who was a loser at the pro level, very un-Nebraska like. Here is hoping that the Huskers can return to prominence, so we can enjoy some more nail-biters between my Tigers and your Huskers.

  7. Al Says:

    Time to give the coach another pay raise don’t you think?

  8. nick Says:

    sam burson, you can’t spell a word correctly to save your life. and ed, bill byrne didnt fire solich. pederson did. that being said pederson is the one who let bo go. get your facts straight before you open your mouth idiots.

  9. Tony Aksamit Says:

    At 46 years of age, I grew up as a Nebraska fan, as so many others, that’s made Nebraska’s support for their teams second to none. I watched Monte Kiffins defenses, Mowed Frank Solichs lawn when in Jr high, rode in the car with my dad honking the horn after the Game of the Century when we beat OU 35-31, played catch with Jerry Tagge at a friends house as a kid, crashed the gates with many other growing husker fans at 10 years old just to get a chance to see our idols…..The Big Red, paraded all night through Mesa Arizona in 1996 when Tom Osborne and our Huskers made us so proud after beating Florida 62-24, and so many other Great memories I’ll never forget. Last nights game at MU and many others over the past several years has my guts in a knot like no other. I never thought I would be embarrassed to wear my Husker gear, but that is exactly what’s going on. If a 3 man rush (all night long) isn’t a lack of preparation on Kevin Cosgrove’s part, I don’t know what it could be called. That was the worst defensive coaching I have ever, (and that includes every team) witnessed in my entire life. I had taken my wife and 3 children to the USC game last year in LA only to be so badly out coached is wasn’t funny. Not out played, out coached. Regardless of our football personnel on the field, the coach’s have a responsibility to the players and us Nebraska Fans to put players in a position to use their ability and that is not happening on the defensive side of the ball. Kevin Cosgrove has no right to be coaching our Huskers, he doesn’t bleed red like we do, never has and never will. He is ruining the blackshirt image, and frankly he doesn’t even understand it. He wasn’t born a Husker, he’s just another out of state coach and their a dime a dozen as well as their results. We Husker fans and our players deserve better, much better. This is the first year in a very long time I haven’t been to a Husker game someplace, but I have no desire to go and that is so, so sad. I never thought I would have this feeling about my Big Red but right now I am embarrassed to wear my Husker gear. I can’t stand to see performances like this anymore, its not right, something is wrong in Lincoln and our tradition is paying the price. Nebraska Football a laughing stalk??? I never thought I would see the day. The talk of boycotting a game so Memorial Stadium has few in the stands, sounds crazy but it could happen if there’s not a change. The Husker fans pay alot of bills and we all know it. No coaching, no fans. No fans, no income, No income, no coach’s. Husker fans aren’t past it, and the day is getting closer as we speak. Its time for the number “1″ Fans in America to stand our ground for our Husker Tradition. Go Big Red!!!!

  10. BigRed Down Under Says:

    It is as Rob from MO said, a rather bad day for the Big Red. The problem is not in the current coaching staff but the Sport Director that let Bo Pelini slip through our fingers. Look at the teams that have shot up and Bo’s track record. He is still looking for a head coaching job. I say get rid of Steve Pederson and there would be a shot at getting the team back up on top.

  11. Cliff Says:

    I don’t think there is any chance of Bo coming back to NU. If Lloyd Carr resigns at the end of the year, Les Miles could be the next Michigan coach as rumored. That would open the door for a head coaching job at LSU for Pelini. Tell me which school you would pick, LSU or Nebraska…

  12. Kathy Burkey Says:

    I have a solution to the problem: If Callahan and Cosgrove get fired at the end of the season, lets get Bill Cower,retired coach of the Pittsburg Steelers. He would be awesome!!!!!!

  13. Tony Aksamit Says:

    It is very interesting reading in today’s Sports Illistrated… (Boston Celtics on the cover), about several things Bill has removed from the Husker program…………Bye Bill!

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