NebraskaNebraska fans were hoping for a turn around in the 2007 season when they took on the Texas A&M Aggiest on Saturday in Lincoln but a terrible second half stopped all that hoping.  The Aggies outscored the Huskers 20-0 in the second half as the Huskers could not get anything going on offense.

Marlon Lucky had a career high 13 receptions for 125 yars, but only had 23 yards on eight attempts rushing the ball.  Quentin Castille led the team with 60 yards on nine carries.  Roy Helu chipped in with 39 yards on five carries.

Sam Keller had another bad day at the quarterback position.  He finished 26 of 44 for 275 yards and one TD (To Purify), but had several poorly thrown balls, and still isn’t getting rid of the ball when he needs too.  Keller is holding onto the ball way to long, and taking too many sacks.  He needs to get a feel for the pocket and make his reads down the field faster.

Onto the defense, there were times where they played really good, but then they would let up a big play on a third down or, on first down Texas A&M would roll off 8 yard gains which set them up perfectly for a first down on the next play.

The defense wasn’t sure who had the ball multiple times and you could tell that with all the rushing yards that Aggies had during the game.  Stephen McGee set career highs with 35 carries for 167 yards and Jorvorskie Lane rushed for 130 yards and four touchdowns for the Aggies.

Another big play that took a ton of momentum away from the Huskers was in the first half when Nate Swift called for a fair catch and fumbled the ball.  Shortly after the fumble, Lane ran off a big TD run and A&M had all the momentum once again.

It doesn’t get any easier for the Huskers next week either.  They will travel to Austin to face off against the Texas Longhorns.  Prepare for another butt whoopin Husker fans.

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14 Responses to “Nebraska continues losing streak”

  1. Longhorn Steady Says:

    We were hoping for some good old Husker fresh meat to lick our chops on, but it looks like all we’re going to get is well done, cause the Huskers are DUN!!!
    Oh Well…our second and third teams will get a chance to play…..

  2. Kathy Says:

    Oh Longhorn Steady:
    Isn’t nice that your second and third team gets to play this year. We would like no other than to kick your butt. We have to let you all win once in a great moon so enjoy while it lasts, for we will be back.
    Go Huskers.

  3. North Platte Jayhawk Says:

    Longhorn Steady:
    Don’t beat um up too bad cause we want to give them a good spankin too!!!! Maybe the Huskers ought to give their 2nd and 3rd teams a chance to play?? Can’t be any worse than what they put on the field now…Is it right they have the 114th ranked defense out of 119?
    Rock,m Sock,m JAYHAWKS!!!!

  4. Husker PeteII Says:

    Give us a new coach and 5 years and we’ll see!!!! Can you remember the 30 straight years we beat you always leaving in our 1st string??? Maybe that’s why everyone is kicking us now???
    Gooooooo Huskers……

  5. X Husker Says:

    Husker Petell:
    I can’t wait 5 years…..I’m quitting now…..the ship is hit and it’s going down for a long time…..
    Sign me an “X Husker”…..
    P.S. I’m not the only one….you better get out now before you wind up spending lots and lots on a Shrink!!!

  6. X Husker 2 Says:

    I’m jumping ship tooooo….. I don’t want to be a loser like the rest of the little pink…..
    Go Longhorns….do you have room 4 me??

  7. Little Pink Says:

    I’m a LOSER…..I used to be a HUSKER…
    but now I’m just a loser……
    Someone, please SAVE Us…………

  8. Bigger Red..... Says:

    This is just insane…..YES we did OVER dominate…for years…..we are in the crosshairs….and yes….I’m ducking for cover cause I’m YELLAR……I may be a coward, but I’m not STUPID….
    Littler Redder….
    Post Script…. Is there any room to join the UNO bandwagon..??? I got my degree from Arkansas Little Rock but once McNutt didn’t get the job I went underground….you’d thunk an X loser Raider would get the job…
    Ever think why Byrnes let T.O. pick Solich…??? Guess why… he knew he was leaving and left us with a lame duck….Go MIZZOU

  9. GREAT Huskr Says:

    I WILL NOT SURRENDER….. Period….
    Last famous words of a WHINER….
    Please if there is a GOD….Why would you let this happen?????

  10. GOD Says:

    Yes, my son,
    It is happening because you little Reds must pay the price of 3 decades of unsportmanship, rub it in their faces type of mentality…….the payback is HELL and it AIN’T OVER YET…
    Can you say 4 and 8????? Ha Ha Ha….
    Send me back to Mother Theresa…..
    I need a little loving….
    While Husker Nations…..

  11. Husker Pride Says:

    Wow….you shorthorns really have nothing else better to do than the last few comments on here? I guess thats what happens when you dont have a life.

  12. Kathy Says:

    Hey all you X Huskers or whoever the “” you are, go ahead and jump ship. Hope you can swim for we will not be throwing you any life preservers.

    HuskerPride says it all: you all need to get a life for writing all your crap on this sites is simply ridiculous.
    Grow up………
    Go Big Red.

  13. Cliff Says:

    LOL, I hope all you so called Husker fans jump ship. Can’t stay with a team when they are down? Have to find a new team because your other one isn’t winning?

    C’mon that is terrible. If your a Husker fan, you are a Husker fan through the thick and the thin.

    Jump ship, because you aren’t wanted anyways.

  14. Greg Says:

    Hit the road all you fair weather pussies. You are Husker Fans anyway. True fans hang in there win or loose. You guys are probably the same ones in the stands booing the team.
    Like it or not the team played one of the best games they’ve played this season. Give no respect, get no respect.
    College football is not pro-football,there is no paycheck in their pocket and they don’t pick the coaches, Steve Peterson screwed up the season with the decisions he made. Don’t bail on the team, put the blame where it lies.

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