NebraskaJunior running back Marlon Lucky came out and officially said that he will be back for his Senior season next year.  This is a great decision for Lucky in our opinion.  There were so many good running backs that entered the upcoming draft, that there was no way he would be a first or second round draft pick.  Spending one more year in the program, getting stronger and faster will only help to be drafted higher in a littler over a year.

Lucky said he is excited to play for Coach Pelini and thinks they will do great under the new coaching staff.  I would expect to see Lucky have a monster year in 2008!

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4 Responses to “Marlon Lucky officialy says he will be back next year”

  1. Mizzou Tiger Says:

    POLINO ought to look around the country for for a body with the last name of “Good”. That way they can put Good and Lucky in the backfield…..The Huskers need to be Good first, they weren’t very Lucky last year…..Really though, I honestly think you’ll get to go Bowling next year, either in Boise or Shreveport. Can you say 6-6????
    GO BIG PINK!!!!!!

  2. Sheldon Cummings Says:

    You as Mizzou had one good year! just one! and u think u can come and talk.
    Lucky is better than any back on Mizzou.
    Last Time Mizzou played in lincoln score was 34-20 Neb.

    Bye the way Mizzou choked with one game to go lol

  3. Mizzou Tiger Says:

    Bozo Polino talks the talk….let’s see if he walks the walk…..(tripping himself all the way to the bottom tier of the Big 12 North…..
    Any takers on even odds for say a grand?

  4. Norman Rempel Says:

    Just a small suggestion: It might be helpful to have someone edit your posts to avoid misspellings and grammatical errors. Thanks, and “Go, Huskers!”

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