NebraskaShawn Watson will be staying with the University of Nebraska after declining an offer to become the offensive coordinator at Alabama.  Alabama coach Nick Saban was hoping that Watson would accept the plane to come pick him up in Lincoln and come talk with the University but Watson sayd no thank you.

Nebraska fans should be lucky that Watson is staying with the Huskers.  I for sure know I am.  Watson could have earned a huge pay raise upto $400,000!  That would have been around a $150,000 raise overall.

***Reports are saying that Watson wasn’t officialy offered the job, Alabama just asked for permission to speak with him, but he told Nebraska officials that he wanted to stay with the University of Nebraska***

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8 Responses to “Shawn Watson says no to Alabama’s offensive coordinator position”

  1. Earhole Jolt Says:

    It’s better to be good than lucky. Nebraska’s goood. Luck is for losers a day late and a dollar short. Here’s an equation the brainiacs in the audience Hard-work + Preparation = Championships. There will be a quiz later. Saban is a snake. One or two years from now he could be anywhere else. See Bobby Petrino. Watson is obviously not a short-sighted guy and has a great opportunity with one of the best programs in the country. We’ll all see that in two to three years. The facilities are practically unrivaled and the attitude is alive again. Obviously things are changing and people who know are seeing the difference. Smart move. One thought… DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

  2. X-Husker Fan Says:

    Watson’s elevator stopped on the 2nd floor….maybe that’s to the top of his brain….”N”owledge he hasn’t…should have taken the $$$ bread before all that’s left for the Huskers are crumbs…can you say 6-6 and here we come Boise Bowl….perfect for Bolino and Company…..

  3. Roll Tide Roll Says:

    You bunch of Farmer Brown Corn Cobs…He didn’t take the job BECAUSE IT WASN’T OFFERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Earhole Jolt Says:

    Ridiculous statements all around. Sorry about the typo. He didn’t take the job because he didn’t WANT the job. That’s pretty basic. X-Husker fan? Either you we’re or you weren’t. I don’t know any X-Husker fans. Just more negative nonsense from a self-defeating doubter. I guess maybe you’re a flavor of the month fan now. Shawn Watson stayed because he’s in the middle of a strong opportunity. He made a wise decision. It should serve as a telling sign that these guys have a strong belief in what they’re doing. The only thing I can suggest to the current staff is to start looking at former players for staff positions to turn the heat up a notch. See Mike Rucker (talk about a technician on the field) or others who might show interest. Ken Norton has flourished in this role at USC, have you seen their linebackers lately??? They will all be first day or high round draft picks. Time will tell. All I know is there is no reason why it can’t be done at Nebraska.

  5. webmaster Says:

    Roll Tide Roll: The post had been written when reports out of Lincoln were saying the job had been offered.

    The post has been updated.

    Farmber Brown Corb Cobs? I thought Tide Fans showed more support then Missouri Fans :)

  6. Sheldon Cummings Says:

    bama is Nice school but Nick is weak leave my team in two or less years…Stay with a team that he knows and a real coach thats why he stayed.

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  8. Coordinator david lee offensive Says:

    [...] Shawn Watson says no to Alabama's offensive coordinator position 22 Jan 2008. Shawn Watson will be staying with the University of Nebraska after declining an offer to become the offensive coordinator at Alabama.. - Shawn Watson says no to Alabama's offensive coordinator position [...]

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