NebraskaWill Compton announced that he will stay commited to the Nebraska Cornhuskers and is happy have have the recruiting come to a close.  Compton had his home state Missouri Tigers and the Illinois Fighting Illini along with the Huskers in his final three choices.  Even with the coaching changes, he will stay with the Huskers.

Compton turned down Illinois, Missouri, LSU, and late offer from Notre Dame to join the Huskers.  He is very excited to play for Bo Pelini and you can probably expect to see him playing pretty early in his career at Nebraska.  I can’t wait to see Compton and Blake Lawrence on the field at the same time in the next few years, it could even be this next year!

Thanks for staying with the Big Red Mr. Compton!

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9 Responses to “Will Compton staying with the Huskers!”

  1. Irish Eyes Says:

    Good Luck with Compton. We offered him only a FB position. Compton is weak on pass coverage….an achilles heal with Big 12 passing teams. He’s just “OK” at LB, rated at only 39 in country….
    From what I understand, NU wants and needs bodies as so many have left….cross your fingers in 08, you’re going to need it….Maybe we can get our act together and meet in Shreveport??? that’s about all I thing either team will make to a bowl in 08..

  2. Earhole Jolt Says:

    These players are kids. So many people overlook that fact. They might be 350lbs. but they are still kids that have to absorb and learn to take their game to the next level. That’s why you’ll see 240lb. tight ends turn into 325lb. behemoth linemen at the end of their term. I expect that Compton isn’t perfect but who really is. Maybe Tom Brady. I’d also expect him to develop and learn from some of the best in the country. He has that opportunity and if he capitalizes on what’s in front of him, as others have, things could be very good, very soon. The crazy thing about recruiting is that you can’t measure dedication, will and heart on paper which is the intangible the greats are made of. Jerry Rice ran a 4.6 almost 4.7 40 time in college. I guarantee there we’re faster recievers at that time no one has ever heard of. He’s headed to the Hall of Fame. Speed is awesome, neccessary and everyone should strive to get it. That’s not the point. The point is give the kid a chance. And please, give back Trevor Robinson. LOL

  3. schreve Says:

    surprising…no word from missou tiger yet maybe he is realizing that missouri kids want o play for neberaska an not missou…blaine gabbert is an exception but we want the boys who actually want to me here. thank you missouri for giving us compton an we look forward to watching him an the other blackshirts return the huskers to the top where we have been for so long

  4. mizzou tiger Says:

    To Schreve….
    1st, I thought your Blackshirts were dismantled because of the embarrassment they brought to the State of Nebraska.
    2nd, Mizzou didn’t offer Compton a scholarship until 12/14/07, which tells you he’s border line..(can’t pass cover)
    3rd, Compton can start for NU next year. He would redshirt at Mizzou… translates into NU needs help now!!!
    4th, Mizzou didn’t have their entire coaching staff eating pizza in Compton’s living room for Packers game with some goofball coach having a Compton tatoo on his arm…how whoring is that…..desparate, desparate, desparate……see you in Lincoln next year Corn Cobs!!!

  5. Earhole Jolt Says:

    Wow. I seriously doubt that story but wow. It just is too crazy to believe. We’re definately better than that. My question is where would you hear something like that? I’d tend to think it’s just typical mudslinging. Or somebody’s really into tatoos.LOL

  6. schreve Says:

    compton was thinkin long term…he realizes that nebraska will rise back to the top fast an that missouris 15 minutes of fame will soon die like their program has been for last 25+ years

  7. maaafan Says:

    I’m glad Compton chose Nebraska and not Mizzou. I’ve watched compton his whole career and I am shocked by all the attention he gets. He’s just another “slightly above player” in a below average football conference. His numbers were not even impressive against that competition. Maybe he will have an “out of body” experience and actually show up in Nebraska…who knows!!!

  8. Compton = Pink Shirt Says:

    hey schreve, I’m pretty sure your boy Bo was the DC on the Solich team that B.Smith destroyed a couple seasons ago. (leading to his ouster). Expect more of the same this year with MU returning almost everyone. Good luck battling Iowa St. for the north cellar cob-riders!

  9. Doyle Mcgraw Says:

    It’s just wild that Big Red is joining the Big 10. The upcoming year promises to be interesting. Can’t wait!

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