NebraskaAs expected  the past day or so, Eddie Brown has decommited from the Nebraska Cornhuskers and will accept a scholarship offer from Texas A&M.  Don’t be too shocked at all of this, A&M was always his his number one choice, he just had to see if they would end up offering a full ride scholarship.  After a player wasn’t able to get into A&M, that opened up an offer for Brown and he quickly grabbed it.

The Huskers will move on, and get another quality recruit to take Browns spot.  Don’t worry about that!

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2 Responses to “Eddie Brown decommits to accept offer from Texas A&M”

  1. Dave Says:

    Crap!!! We are a little light on WR and Linemen

  2. Walk On Wanna Be Says:

    I’ve been offered a Div. II full ride. I’m thinking of passing on that and having my parents pay the $60,000+ for me to do so just so I can be a Husker. Of course my little sister who is an 8th grader won’t get to go to college cause I’m using up all the family money….Oh and Coach Osborne told me I no one in the locker room would ever know I was just a walk on at the cost of my baby sister…..Coach Bolino won’t tell anyone either…..

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