NebraskaAlfonzo Dennard has never stepped foot on the University of Nebraska campus, but he knows that is where he wants to goto college and play college football.  Secondary coach Marvin Sanders met with Dennard and his family a few nights ago, and Dennard knows that is exactly who he wants to play for.

Dennard is a 5’10 199 lb cornerback from Rochelle, GA.  At one point he was a North Carolina commit but North Carolina was unsure if he would qualify.  Dennards high school coach says he does have a little bit of work left in the classroom, but he expects him to make the grades to qualify.

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2 Responses to “Huskers pick up commitment from Alfonzo Dennard”

  1. Earhole Jolt Says:

    Another good recruit. Good size, strength and speed. It sure is getting quiet around here. I think I know what that means. The tools are in place for Bo to go to work and build a contender. Possibly a champion. He’s a player’s coach, that’s sure to pay dividends and get results. I can’t wait to see this unfold. I wish Dennard all the best.

  2. j moore Says:

    we’ll see tomorrow

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