NebraskaSome students will not be able to sit as close to the football field like they are used to as Athletic Directory Tom Osborne has elected to not allow student seating in section 15 anymore.  Now, season tickets holders that were behind the student sections in sections 12-15 that complained they couldn’t see because the students always stood, are moving down closer to the field in section 15.  That is if they can afford the new donation amount level for those seats.

I know some students are upset over this deal, and it will take some noise away from Memorial Stadium there is no doubt about that. But was the student section really that loud to begin with for most games?  They are still getting sections 12-14 in the South Stadium, and the lower corner in the East Stadium.  There will still be plenty of seating, it is just getting moved around a bit so hopefully you students won’t be so upset about it.

We would like to hear students, alumni, and general fans thoughts on this.  Were you one that got a letter about possibly being moved down to section 15 closer to the field?  If so we are intersted in know if your donation levels are in deed going up for those seats.  Leave us a comment and let us know what your thinking!

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