Husker BaseballOklahoma City, OK - The Huskers had given up 46 runs in the last 29 innings.  They’d lost the last 4 games by a combined 30 runs.  They deseperately needed something, a spark, someone to step up and say, “Enough is enough”.  

Tonight, Johnny Dorn was that guy as the Huskers topped the Wildcats 5-2.  Dorn came in and shut down the Wildcats in impressive fashion.  He allow 2 runs, but both were unearned following a Jake Mort error at third.  He got out of rough situation after rough situation, seeming to just will his way out.  He seemed to just want it more than the other team. 

Overall, Johnny allowed 0 earned runs over 6.2 innings while striking out 3.  Zach Herr came in and at first, it looked like the bullpen might let us down again.  With 1 runner on, Zach hit the very first batter with a pitch and then uncorked a wild pitch to move both runners into scoring position.  Zach later managed to strikeout the last batter of the inning, in fact, he struck out 6 out of the 7 outs he recorded.

For the offense, Jake Opitz stole the day.  He had 2 RBIs on a large blast to left center.  Mitch Abeita and Tyler Farst also each drove in a run.

The win was the 40th of the year.  The Huskers next face the Oklahoma State Cowboys tomorrow for a chance to head to the championship game.  The Huskers need Kansas State to beat Baylor in the finale on Saturday to allow the Huskers to advance.

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