NebraskaOmaha World Herald journalist Tom Shatel had a very good article on Thursday about the new coaching staff and athletic director Tom Osborne regarding upcoming schedules.  After the 2010 season the team does not want to have two or three cupcakes on the schedule like they do this year.  There is nothing they can do about the schedules the next couple of years that Steve Pederson setup unless they want to break contracts and payoff the schools but look for the Huskers to play some bigtime teams in the future.

Teams like Miami, BYU, Wyoming,  LSU, Ohio State, Florida, Michigan, and Wisconsin have been mentioned.  If the Huskers do anything they want to atleast do a home and home with a bigtime school and then two home games and one away game with teams like Wyoming etc.

Shatel’s artcle mentioned that Jeff Jamrog has been working on the schedule and he thought he had two home games lined up with Wyoming and then the Huskers and Cowboys would have played another game in Denver at Invesco Field but the Cowboy now want the game played in Laramie.  I know I would have made that trip to Denver to watch the Huskers play.

We are wondering what teams you would like to see the Huskers schedule games with?  Figure a home and home series for big time schools.  Personally I’d love to see Miami, Wisconsin, or Michigan come to Lincoln for a game and then the Husker return the favor the next year.  I’d love to take a trip to Ann Arbor or Madison for an away game

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2 Responses to “New coaching staff doesn’t want to play “cupcakes””

  1. makk Says:

    Since I live in centeral cal. I would love to see them play Fresno Ft. in Fresno. I know that will never happen but you never know

  2. dr. john messmore Says:

    I would like to see a home and home with BYU

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