NebraskaIt is that time all us Nebraska football fans have been waiting for! It is game week and here at we are releasing our first game preview of the season. Nebraska will kick off the 2008 season against Western Michigan and it will be the first of five straight home games for the Huskers.

The big question everyone is asking is this. “How will the defense be this year”. Well I’m not sure how they will be in game play, but everything that I have read and from talking with other people that have attended practices is that the defense was flying around to the ball and have some very good schemes setup for this season. One problem I see with the defense is that they are so thin at a lot of positions, that a few injuries here and there and the Huskers could be in a lot of trouble as that would force a lot of freshmen to have to play.

One thing that the defense is going to try to do this season is get more interceptions. The coaches will put the players in position to make the interceptions so it will be up to the players to make the plays happen. I see the Huskers have one or two picks against Western Michigan because their quarterback Tim Hiller threw 15 int’s last year and is known to make some made decisions with the football. As for the running game, the Broncos ranked 86th nationally and ninth in the MAC in rushing offense last season, tallying 130 yards per game.

I don’t think the Huskers will have any problems scoring points on Saturday against the Broncos. They allowed on average of 28 points a game last season against MAC opponents pretty much and the Huskers have been accustomed to scoring around 40 in their opening games of the season. The Bronco’s defensive line is a lot smaller then the offensive line of the Huskers so I see them putting up 200-250 yards rushing on the smaller defense. One player to pay attention to during the game is Londen Fryar who is former Husker great Irving Fryar’s son. He plays cornerback for the Broncos and is an NFL prospect

My gut feeling is telling me the game will be a 45-21 type of game with the Huskers coming out on top. Marlon Lucky will run for 120 yards and have two touchdowns. Roy Helu, Quentin Castille, and Marcus Mendoza will combine for two touchdowns while Joe Ganz will throw for two more touchdowns.

What are you opinions on how the first game of the season will turn out?

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