Nebraska vs OklahomaI’m not really sure where to start blogging after watching the Sooners roll to a 62-28 victory Saturday night against the Huskers. Things happened so fast before Husker fans knew it, it was already 21-0 Oklahoma. Two interceptions and a fumble by the Husers put them in a deep hole that they were never able to get out of.

Pretty much every aspect of the game was struggle for the Huskers. It wasn’t just the offense or the defense, even special teams played terrible. Multiple times the Sooners were starting at mid-field or on their side of the field because the Huskers kickoff and punt coverage teams played terrible.

There was really only one highlight for the Huskers and that was Roy Helu who ran for 157 yards and a touchdown on 16 carries. Helu carried the running attack for the Huskers as Marlon Lucky was sidelined with a injury in the game and Quentin Castille fumbled the ball on a mis-handle by Joe Ganz and Castille.

I found it pretty interesting after the game that Coach Pelini did not allow his players to talk to interviews. He was clearly pissed off with the way the game went and did want the media asking the players any questions about the game. He directed everything at himself once again but at some point, he can’t be taking all the blame after every loss.

The Huskers will have to forget about this blowout loss as they will now start preparing for Kansas. It was announced that the Nebraska / Kansas game will be played at 1:30 CST and will only be available on PPV. Had the Huskers played a little better last night I’m sure we would not have had the Kansas game on PPV. So now most Husker fans will probably shell out the $30 for the game and hope for a better outcome.

Stay in their Husker fans…

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3 Responses to “Huskers are crushed by the Sooners 62-28”

  1. Eddie O Says:

    Oh My GOD….how unprepared and scared out of our pants could we have been?? We couldn’t execute a left handed turn on a NASCAR race track let alone a play on the football field. If someone dosn’t grab Larry Asante by the face mask and get in his face to remind him that..YOU NEVER LET ANYONE BEHIND YOU…YOU F#@%ING RETARD!! If you think I am being too critical, I encourage anyone to go back to the prior games and you will see that almost every big pass play, Larry Asante was always chasing the receiver down from behind!! Fact…Fact…Fact…and that is lack of coaching and especially lack of coaching for the whole secondary. That is our weakness and it keeps showing up every game. I will give credit where credit is due and our Defensive line is starting to look like the Blackshirts of the past….and that is very promising!! I would like to volunteer my time to give Larry Asante an “old school” pep talk!!

  2. Harry Says:

    Pelini should direct a large part of the blame to himself. This team’s lack of discipline is largely a reflection of his coaching. Pelini needs to pull it together and focus less on emotion and more on execution.

    That being said we severely lack the talent needed to compete with the Oklahoma’s of the college football game today.

  3. Cliff Says:

    Harry: I don’t think Pelini should be taking the blame after every Husker loss. At some point the players need to step up and take the blame.

    He did mention that he is trying to keep his emotions down on the sideline, but when you have your safeties getting beat on every long pass, you are gong to get frustrated.

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